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SVP International

Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to cultivate philanthropists who collectively invest their expertise and financial resources in mission-driven nonprofits to achieve sustainable, measurable impact.  Our investment philosophy guides this process.

Invest in People

Advance organizations with talented and passionate people who are able to drive their ideas internally: with board, management team and staff, volunteers, constituents, and externally: their area served, community partners, funders, donors.

Invest in Sustainability

Support organizations with a viable long term funding model that prepare the people they serve to move beyond that organization’s support to self-reliance.

Invest in Empowering those Served

Facilitate organizations that avoid doing to or for their clients what their clients, with assistance, could do for themselves.

Invest in Outcomes and Impact

Empower organizations which are able to articulate clearly their concept with a coordinated proposal/work-plan, measureable outcomes, an exit strategy and
the budget/support required to execute properly.

Invest in Supply versus Demand

Endow organizations which face a demand for their services that exceeds their
capacity to supply such services.