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Reading Partners Charleston

Reading Partners Charleston (formerly Charleston Volunteers for Literacy) mobilizes a trained cadre of volunteers to provide literacy support to public elementary school children in Charleston County, South Carolina.  Charleston Volunteers for Literacy partnered with Reading Partners to tap into nationally recognized, evidence-based curriculum to serve more local children.

Executive Director: Kecia Greenho

Total Invested: $225,000 over 7 years

Strengthening Reading Partners: Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers, Reading Partners tackled projects like:

  • Current involvement includes assistance creation of strategic growth plan and a strategic volunteer engagement program.
  • Secure the position of Development Director and Program Director for future capacity and sustainablity
  • Sustain growth goal of 1,000 – 1,500 students impacted; 1,200 – 2,000 volunteers recruited & trained.
  • Partner involvement and dollars helped support significant growth, which included expansion from 3 schools, in 2011, to 8 schools, in 2013; tripled the number of students in the program from 100 to 300; and increased volunteer involvement from 200 to 600.
  • Assisted with board expansion efforts to bring on members with specific skills
  • Supported strategy that led to merger with Reading Partners national program

To learn more about Reading Partners, please visit their website; http://readingpartners.org/Charleston