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SVP International

Apply to Participate

Modeled on venture capital funding competitions, Fast Pitch helps nonprofit organizations define their impact and powerfully communicate their vision. Social Venture Partners Charleston is seeking local nonprofits to participate in this year’s Fast Pitch program.

To participate, please submit an application that contains:

Describe your organization:

  • Mission and primary population served
  • Programs or solutions currently offered to accomplish your mission
  • County or counties you currently serve
  • Number of full-time and part-time employees
  • Full fiscal year of operations

Describe the opportunity:

  • Size of the opportunity (i.e. the problem or deficiency your iniatitive will address)
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Other for-profit or non-profit alternatives

Describe your proposed solution:

  • How is it innovative?
  • Scalability?
  • Measure(s) of success and what, specifically, is measured
  • Social impact specifics
  • Sustainability in the long-term

Describe your team:

  • Lead (i.e. executive director)
  • Key team members, including who will present to judges
  • External advisors
  • Board of directors

Detail your finances:

  • Sources of revenue and/or external funding during last 2 fiscal years
  • Current fiscal year budget
  • How much will the proposed solution or program cost to deliver?
  • Sustainability of revenue model

Describe the proposed use of SVP grant dollars

Provide any other information you believe will assist SVP’s need analysis and mentor matching (but please be succinct)

Provide a few sentences on how your initiative is consistent with SVP’s Investment Philosophy:

Invest in People

Advance organizations with talented and passionate people who are able to drive their ideas internally; board, management team and staff, volunteers, constituents, and externally; their area served, community partners, funders, donors.

Invest in Sustainability

Support organizations with a viable long term funding model that prepare the people they serve to move beyond that organization’s support to self-reliance.

Invest in Empowering those Served

Facilitate organizations that avoid doing to or for their clients what their clients, with assistance, could do for themselves.

Invest in Outcomes and Impact

Empower organizations located in the tri-county area which have a coordinated proposal/work-plan, measureable outcomes, an exit strategy and the budget/support required to execute properly.

Invest in Supply versus Demand

Endow organizations which face a demand for their services that exceeds their capacity to supply such services.