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Lindsay Read – Executive Director
403-266-5305 | lread@svpcalgary.org


Fast Facts

What We Do: We pool our Partners contributions and make three to five year investments in nonprofit organizations we choose. But we don’t just give money. We also build powerful relationships among people who want to give and the nonprofits that make change possible. Our Partners contribute their time and talent to make a lasting impact.

History: Through business, Brad and Tanya Zumwalt met Paul Brainerd, founder of the Social Venture Partners concept. The unique model of supporting the community appealed to them, and in fall 2000, the Zumwalt’s launched Social Venture Partners Calgary, the first SVP in Canada.

By the Numbers in 2o19

60+ members in Calgary

22+ nonprofits funded

$2.3 million and tens of thousands of volunteer hours given to nonprofits


We were in a podcast!

Learn more about SVP Calgary and our Fast Pitch Program on the ‘A Branded World’ podcast here or download it on iTunes (‘A Branded World’ episode 49 “How to craft your best pitch”.