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New Partner Spotlight: Ileana Street

Posted by jennie

“It’s always been important to me that the work I do have purpose and make a positive impact on the world,” says Ileana Street. “I’m particularly drawn to mission-oriented organizations … so when I found out about SVP from another member, I knew I wanted to learn more. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Three Takeaways

Posted by jennie

As a new board member for SVP Boulder County, I was excited to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the SVP Global Summit – an international gathering of more than 300 individuals representing a global network of SVP staff, corporate and nonprofit partners. In reflecting on the Summit, there were three main takeaways. Read More »

BWB Fundraising 201: “Face2Face – How to Ask for the Big Gift”

Posted by maryswa17

Fundraising isn't actually about money. It's about people who share values combining their resources to improve their communities. In this session, nonprofit board members and staff will learn the best techniques for inviting donors to support their organizations, while fulfilling their own vision for a better world! Read More »

BWB: “Finance 101- Show Me the Money”

Posted by maryswa17

Every member of a nonprofit board has a fiduciary responsibility to that organization – this session will prepare board members to have an adequate understanding of financial statements, how to ask the right questions, identify possible problems and perform good oversight. We’ll discuss real-world situations that put organizations in serious trouble and how to look deeper for possible issues. A business case will be discussed in small groups to bring financial reporting and planning issues into practical perspective. Read More »

BWB: “Fundraising 101 For Boards and Staff Who Love Them”

Posted by maryswa17

Every board member can play a unique and important role in the bringing donors and friends to their nonprofit. At this session, staff and board will learn how to mobilize board members to their fullest potential, and ensure they have fun doing it! Read More »

Participate In Our 2018 Programming!

Posted by maryswa17

Now is the time to register for SVP's 2018 knowledge and skill-building programs on nonprofit management and governance proven practices. Read More »

BWB Governance 101: “Get on Board: Voyage to Powerful Board Governance”

Posted by olga

You've joined a board because you believe in its mission and you want to use your special skill set to make the organization stronger. This session teaches you how to practically use your skills to be a powerful and informed board director. Read More »