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SVP Boulder County announces new CEO, Joshua Silberstein

Posted by jennie

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County welcomes Joshua Silberstein as its CEO, effective April 6, 2020. Read More »

2019 in Review: Releasing SVP’s Annual Report

Posted by jennie
Cute elementary age girl smiles as she donates a bag of apples during a community food drive.

To successfully meet our communities' challenges requires collaborative action—givers, nonprofits, and impact leaders working together to create positive change. OUr 2019 efforts made for an exciting time in the life of SVP Boulder County! Learn more in SVP’s 2019 Annual Report, hot off the presses. Read More »

What we’re reading: Culture Fit vs. Culture Add

Posted by jennie

Placing too much emphasis on who “fits” an organization’s culture may backfire. Learn how, and consider what it means to focus on “culture add” instead... Read More »

Invested Leaders Spotlight: Bill Goodwin

Posted by jennie

“There were many similarities among us, including a shared commitment to become more effective through professional development. Perhaps most interesting and beneficial to me were our discussions about how to remain accountable to our missions.” says participant Bill Goodwin of the SVP Invested Leaders program. Read More »

Partner Spotlight: Thomas Briggs

Posted by jennie

“My private sector experience led me to appreciate the SVP model – the combination of Partners, money, and skills applied to improve the operations of nonprofits immediately communicates value-add," says Thomas Briggs. Read More »

Invested Leader Spotlight: Chrysti Britt

Posted by jennie

For Chrysti Britt, Executive Director of Cultivate, participating in SVP’s Invested Leaders program stands out as “a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and share ideas with other nonprofit leaders in our community.” Indeed, the goal of Invested Leaders... Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Sarah Rimmel

Posted by jennie

Sarah Rimmel is all about building a more socially just world through integrative coaching focused on diversity, equity, and what she calls heart-centered culture. she learned about SVP Boulder County... Read More »