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SVP Boulder County white papers go in depth on nonprofit infrastructure and management best practices.

They offer nonprofit staff and Boards an alternative to reading a book or attending a training on a topic – going deeper, and are more focused on practical, pragmatic steps than many other how-to resources.

Take a look, and too, let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see represented here:

SVP White Paper: Succession Planning for the Nonprofit Board Chair

The quality of leadership of the Board of a non-profit organization is extremely important to its ongoing success [...] Read More »

SVP White Paper: How Nonprofit Boards can Effectively Utilize Committees

Committees are valuable vehicles to accomplish much in a non-profit organization. Boards need to understand three [...] Read More »

SVP White Paper: Interpreting Nonprofit Financial Statements

Every member of a non-profit board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility for that organization, but all too [...] Read More »

Got a topic for a white paper? Let us know what you’re interested in by emailingadditional white papers coming soon on topics including:

    • Board Recruitment
    • Board Orientation
    • Succession Planning for the Executive Director
    • Annual Evaluation of the Executive Director
    • Financial Management