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Leveraging our strengths to fortify Boulder’s nonprofits

Boulder County is home to thousands of organizations that support our community in countless ways.  The Partners of SVP Boulder are volunteers who have made it our mission to ensure that these nonprofits have the help they need to thrive and operate at an optimum level. This is accomplished through a range of services that includes short-term consulting projects that are tailored to both the nonprofit’s needs and our partners’ areas of expertise.

We welcome project requests large and small, and of all shapes and sizes. To streamline the process for projects that are frequently requested, we have organized into five Resource Teams at SVP:

  1. Organizational Assessment – Spotlights 10 key areas of an organization such as mission, leadership and technology. Our tried-and-true turnkey process results in a roadmap that identifies opportunities for growth and development.
  2. Board Development & Recruitment Strategies — Tailored services including:
  • Board 101 workshop: A 1.5-hour training with the full board explaining board member roles and responsibilities.  Excellent information for new board members as well as more experienced ones.  Includes pre- and post-meetings with the board chair and ED/CEO.
  • Board capacity building:  Sessions that help your organization’s leaders identify specific areas for growth or improvement, and assistance with meeting agreed-upon goals.
  • Board recruitment planning: Assistance in developing effective recruitment strategies, including building a diverse network. See the SVP letter: Seeking a Diverse Board. 
  1. Fundraising/Development Strategies – Customized help designed for development staff, ED and board to develop effective fundraising strategies.
  2. Leadership Advising – Mentor program. Executive leaders are paired with an SVP Partner to reach their personal and organizational goals.
  3. Technology — SVP’s tech team provides technology assessment and roadmap planning services to ensure that your organization has the right tech tools to meet your programmatic and operations goals.

Projects undertaken by Resource Teams can take between one and six months, and our below-market fees can range from $100 to $1500, depending on an organization’s budget and the scope of the project.  Fees cover SVP’s administrative costs.  Additionally, many projects will require a nonprofit to be well-established, and will need the full support and participation of the board and executive staff.

Next steps!

Tell us what you need.

Click here to submit a request for assistance that includes a bit about your organization – it’s size/mission/challenge – and what you’re hoping the outcome will be.  A Partner will contact you to determine the best next steps.

If you are matched with a Resource Team, we’ll develop a plan that lays out the scope of work, the cost (if any), timing and roles.

Contact SVP staff with any questions at staff@svpbouldercounty.org.