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Resource Teams – short term projects

Partners of SVP Boulder County tackle short-term projects tailored to your specific needs through Resource Teams, offering consulting support or services within a specific capacity (see below). Nonprofits desiring short-term assistance on projects complete a simple submission form explaining their current challenge and/or opportunity, and pay a low, sliding-scale fee. SVP selects projects that fit within our Teams’ availabilities. This service is available to any Boulder County nonprofit.

Some of our current and past participant organizations include: Boulder Treasures, The Reentry Initiative, Temple Grandin School, Wild Plum Center, and Women’s Wilderness Institute.

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Currently, we offer the following Resource Teams:

  • Organizational Assessment – This Team works in partnership with a nonprofit’s board and staff to develop a broad, aligned understanding of an organization’s capacities in 10 crucial areas such as “Mission and Vision,” “Board Leadership,” and “Information Technology.” The Team helps leaders identify areas of necessary development and formulate preliminary action plans for addressing those needs.
  • Board Development – This Team is part-educator and part-problem solver. Partners help your board and executive identify specific areas for growth or improvement. Engagement begins with board training followed by an assessment process. The Team can also consult on projects lasting up to six months to build effective board practice.
  • TechnologyThis team specializes in helping your organization understand its technology needs and system and hire the right support to do the work.
  • Leadership Advising – We know that working closely with leaders in pivotal positions to develop their own effectiveness results in huge benefits to nonprofits. When a nonprofit leader works with an SVP leadership advisor, they build their skills, increase their effectiveness, and become better leaders. Although the Team provides resources, support, and quality assurance to ensure that nonprofit leaders will benefit from the program, the fundamental relationship is a one-on-one interaction centering on coaching practices.

*In the coming year, SVP will add more Resource Team capacity areas, such as social enterprise.

Our Process

  1. You tell us what you need. Nonprofits aiming to work with SVP on short-term projects begin by submitting a brief request that outlines the size of your organization, the scope of the challenge and/or opportunity, and what you hope to gain from an SVP Resource Team. Your executive director or CEO can expect to hear from either an SVP Partner or staff person to ensure that we understand the situation properly. Click here to submit your request.
  2. You’re matched to an SVP Resource Team. SVP staff will direct your request to the appropriate Resource Team, which will determine whether they have the capacity to meet your needs.
  3. The Resource Team completes an assessment process. The Team will meet with the appropriate people (your board, executive, or staff) to gain a detailed understanding of your situation.
  4. The Resource Team will work with you to resolve your challenge and/or opportunity.
  5. The Resource Team meets with you to present its results. We’ll present a report that includes an analysis of your situation, and suggestions for moving forward. In some cases, the Resource Team may suggest other ways that SVP can support your efforts.

What does it cost?

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