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Nonprofit Spotlight: Rise Against Suicide

In 2009, Rise Against Suicide started as the Second Wind Fund of Boulder County, an affiliate of the Denver [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight – Chris and Letitia Calvert

Letitia and Chris Calvert met in front of the Engineering Center on campus at CU-Boulder in 1992, where she was a [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: TLC Learning Center

For 66 years, the TLC Learning Center (TLC) has been serving the community of Longmont. TLC has had 13 different [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: TEENS, Inc.

by Jennifer Bradford TEENS, Inc. was one of the first nonprofit organizations in which Social Venture Partners [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight – Jorge Méndez

It is our pleasure to introduce our community to Jorge Méndez, one of SVP’s new Board members, who just started [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: OUR Center

by Jennifer Bradford Outreach United Resource (OUR) Center, a Family Resource Center, provides critical [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight – Madeline Tomseth

As a new SVP Partner and a fairly new resident of Boulder County, Madeline Tomseth joined SVP Boulder County to [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Coal Creek Meals on Wheels

by Molly Hansen In 1972, Lafayette resident Sue Marolf, a Board of Directors, and two staff members started a [...] Read More »

Giving at Year End 2021

by Maegan Vallejo, SVP Boulder County Giving Committee When I first started out in my fundraising career in the [...] Read More »

SVP's Summary of the Technology Survey of Nonprofits

by Emily Hinck In August 2021, the Social Venture Partners Boulder County (SVP) Technology Resource Team [...] Read More »

A Cause for Celebration!

Over the last 12-16 months, we’ve witnessed the power of connection. While numerous studies prove that as social [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Inn Between of Longmont, Inc.

Some 27 years ago, a collective of community agencies saw the need for affordable housing, as well as related [...] Read More »

Giving is Your Friend with Benefits

by Patti Micklin We are seeing some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Even still, it’s been a long slog [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Alexa Loken

by Sabine Kortals Stein For social entrepreneur and business/career coach Alexa Loken – the most recent [...] Read More »

Antiracism training emphasizes action, and how to be an ally

by Sabine Kortals Stein For anyone interested in learning more about the personal, interpersonal, [...] Read More »

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) are a powerful philanthropic tool.

The Simple Part If you are over 70 ½ and you are an IRA owner and/or the beneficiary of an inherited IRA, we [...] Read More »

“I Have A Dream” Foundation Boulder County celebrates 30th anniversary

by Sabine Kortals Stein Empowering local children from low-income communities to succeed in school, [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Women’s Wilderness

by Sabine Kortals Stein Women’s Wilderness ignites personal transformations and advances social justice through [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: John Moore makes it personal

by Sabine Kortals Stein As often the case among new Partners, John Moore first learned about SVP Boulder County [...] Read More »

Humane Society of Boulder Valley benefits from SVP Tech Team

by Sabine Kortals Stein According to Jan McHugh-Smith – CEO of Humane Society of Boulder Valley – the more she [...] Read More »

Spencer Downing reflects on addressing our community’s greatest needs

By Sabine Kortals Stein As SVP Boulder County's Program + Volunteer Officer since 2018, Spencer Downing [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Temple Grandin School

by Sabine Kortals Stein The Temple Grandin School (TGS) is more than a school for neurodiverse students – [...] Read More »

SVP Partner advocates for the arts

By Deborah Malden Just in time for the holidays, approval of one of several vaccines is cause for optimism that [...] Read More »

Year-end giving in 2020

Dear Friends, If your mailbox (physical or email) is anything like mine, it’s jammed with requests from [...] Read More »

Local nonprofit merger a win-win

By Sabine Kortals Stein  Pre-COVID, a study reported on by the Stanford Social Innovation Review uncovered what [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Barbara Randell

by Sabine Kortals Stein Denverite Barbara Randell – an active participant in the nonprofit sector there – is [...] Read More »

SVP Boulder County celebrates 20 years’ community impact

By Sabine Kortals Stein Today, we’re looking back on the far-reaching impact of Catapult, our longest running [...] Read More »

KGNU Community Radio deepens community impact

By Sabine Kortals Stein Today we’re pleased to announce the successful completion of our multi-year Catapult [...] Read More »

Changing the way we work

By Sabine Kortals Stein According to Forbes, some 34% of U.S. workers are now working from home; and as [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Audio Information Network of Colorado

By Sabine Kortals Stein “We enable folks who are visually impaired – or have other difficulties reading – to [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Karin Lindgren

By Sabine Kortals Stein For Karin Lindgren of LindgrenLaw Group – a woman-owned healthcare technology law [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Community Roots Midwife Collective

By Sabine Kortals Stein Committed to achieving equity and social justice in Boulder County, SVP Boulder County [...] Read More »

SVP Boulder County celebrates 20th anniversary

By Sabine Kortals Stein This month, as SVP Boulder County celebrates 20 years of philanthropic changemaking [...] Read More »

COVID Response Task Force demonstrates results

Over the past five months, SVP Boulder County Partners, board, and staff came together to provide support to local [...] Read More »

Taking stock, looking ahead: A letter from CEO Joshua Silberstein reflecting on his first three months working with SVP.

The term “unprecedented” is frequently used to contextualize many aspects of a quickly changing world. It’s also a [...] Read More »

Thought Leader Spotlight: Allison Billings, Impact on Education

By Sabine Kortals Stein As COVID-19 shines a spotlight on inequities in Boulder County – including financial [...] Read More »

Catapult Spotlight: Longmont Community Justice Partnership

As we navigate historic change and upheaval – the COVID-19 pandemic plus a widespread mandate for social justice – [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Eric Hansen

In 1992, Eric Hansen – a fourth generation Coloradan who grew up in Boulder, and an alumnus of CU Boulder with a [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Cal-Wood Education Center

The evidence is clear: outdoor environmental education can be a game-changer for many children, especially urban [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Jennifer Kronenberg

For Jennifer Kronenberg, getting involved with SVP Boulder County aligns with her desire to make a difference in [...] Read More »

Impact of SVP's COVID-19 Response Task Force

The impact of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County’s COVID Response initiative was discussed today on the [...] Read More »

SVP Announces New Catapult Program Investee

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County announces the most recent investee in its multi-year Catapult [...] Read More »

SVP Stands With Our Community Fighting for Justice and Equality

SVP Boulder County stands alongside our non-profit partners to envision a more vibrant and thriving Boulder County [...] Read More »

Grantee Spotlight: Community Food Share

Community Food Share – a “graduate” of SVP Boulder County’s Catapult program (2016-2019) – followed up with SVP [...] Read More »

Skillful Philanthropy During COVID-19

Since mid-March, local nonprofits have been pushed to ask more of ourselves, more of our community, and more of [...] Read More »

SVP's Letter to the Boulder Daily Camera

On May 4 the Boulder Daily Camera published Josh Silberstein's and Clare Clurman's letter to the Editor regarding [...] Read More »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bridge House

According to Isabel McDevitt, CEO of Bridge House – a nonprofit participant of SVP Boulder County – working side [...] Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Lyn Ciocca McCaleb

For Lyn Ciocca McCaleb, what stands out about SVP Boulder County is its focus on strengthening and empowering our [...] Read More »

SVP's COVID Response Helps Nonprofits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County launched a new initiative to [...] Read More »

Partner Spotlight: Gary Albrecht

“When I retired, I started looking for more opportunities to engage in Boulder County,” says SVP Partner Gary [...] Read More »

SVP Boulder County announces new CEO, Joshua Silberstein

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Boulder County welcomes Joshua Silberstein as its CEO, effective April 6, 2020. Read More »

Get counted! Census 2020

We know how important it is that everyone who calls Boulder County home be counted in the 2020 Census, on or before April 1, 2020 - especially as we need federal funds to address and then recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More »

2019 in Review: Releasing SVP’s Annual Report

To successfully meet our communities' challenges requires collaborative action—givers, nonprofits, and impact leaders working together to create positive change. OUr 2019 efforts made for an exciting time in the life of SVP Boulder County! Learn more in SVP’s 2019 Annual Report, hot off the presses. Read More »

What we’re reading: Culture Fit vs. Culture Add

Placing too much emphasis on who “fits” an organization’s culture may backfire. Learn how, and consider what it means to focus on “culture add” instead... Read More »

Invested Leaders Spotlight: Bill Goodwin

“There were many similarities among us, including a shared commitment to become more effective through professional development. Perhaps most interesting and beneficial to me were our discussions about how to remain accountable to our missions.” says participant Bill Goodwin of the SVP Invested Leaders program. Read More »

Partner Spotlight: Thomas Briggs

“My private sector experience led me to appreciate the SVP model – the combination of Partners, money, and skills applied to improve the operations of nonprofits immediately communicates value-add," says Thomas Briggs. Read More »

Invested Leader Spotlight: Chrysti Britt

For Chrysti Britt, Executive Director of Cultivate, participating in SVP’s Invested Leaders program stands out as “a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and share ideas with other nonprofit leaders in our community.” Indeed, the goal of Invested Leaders... Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Sarah Rimmel

Sarah Rimmel is all about building a more socially just world through integrative coaching focused on diversity, equity, and what she calls heart-centered culture. she learned about SVP Boulder County... Read More »

The Journey to a Diverse Board

Diversity is important – having many voices at the table changes not only the conversation but also decisions made and actions taken. Creating a diverse board sends a powerful signal to staff, clients, donors, and the community. It says that you are truly committed to meeting the needs of your community and are starting at the top. Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Patti Micklin

"...having worked in the nonprofit sector for so long and having collaborated with consultants who bring so much knowledge – I love the SVP model, where nonprofits can tap into community knowledge, even when resources are tight.” says Patti Micklin. Read More »

Social Venture Partners calls for “Catapult” Applications

Organizations interested in submitting a LOI should read the 2020 Letter of Inquiry guidelines and attend an Information Session by registering here. Once chosen for investment, a nonprofit will typically receive pro bono consulting support valued between $200-400K over a three-year period. Read More »

SVP Boulder County investments deepen community impact

Catapult is SVP's pro bono business consulting investment that – over the last three years, June 2016 to November 2019 – helped Community Food Share and WOW! Children’s Museum more fully deliver on their missions. Learn about our impact... Read More »

New goals for impact amplify effectiveness, credibility, and community support for local nonprofits

Key to implementing our current strategic plan, SVP Boulder County recently updated our SVP Impact Priorities on how we’d like to have impact for nonprofits, Partner members, and the community. Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Emily Hinck

Says Emily Hinck, “I soon realized that getting involved with SVP as a Partner would be a meaningful way to reconnect and contribute locally, and fulfill what I’d been missing. I’m especially interested in how the SVP model provides..." Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Janet Hatton

Janet is impressed with SVP’s hands-on model. “SVP is a such a great fit for me,” she explains. “It brings together nonprofits with people who have the skills and experiences that nonprofits need." Read More »

Upcoming Leadership Transition for SVP Boulder County

It’s with gratitude that I announce my upcoming departure from SVP Boulder County (SVP) after 12 years of working in partnership with you, our amazing local nonprofit leaders and philanthropic changemakers. Read More »

SVP Announces New and Streamlined Programs for Nonprofits

SVP Boulder County is excited to announce the launch of Resource Teams! These teams of SVP Partners will tackle short-term consulting projects, organizational assessments, coaching and mentoring tailored to your nonprofit's specific needs. Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Ileana Street

“It’s always been important to me that the work I do have purpose and make a positive impact on the world,” says Ileana Street. “I’m particularly drawn to mission-oriented organizations … so when I found out about SVP from another member, I knew I wanted to learn more. Read More »

New Partner Spotlight: Jim Hooton

“The more I learned about SVP, the more I felt that my career in consulting – helping clients run their businesses better and more efficiently – would be a great fit, applying my experience to the nonprofit sector," says Jim Hooton. Read More »

New Invested Leaders cohort kicks off: “peer learning creates connections”

“Peer learning creates connections that you don’t get from traditional educational opportunities. It’s a lot easier for me to hear and learn from what everyone has to offer – in terms of their knowledge, skills, experiences and passion for their work – than sitting in a classroom." says Hayden Dansky of Boulder Food Rescue. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Amy Maranowicz

“The conference was an incredible time release of knowledge, insight and reflection. All told, the sessions offered were really about networking, and organizing and mobilizing networks," says Amy Maranowicz, SVP Partner. Read More »

Boards with Brains: professional development series highlights core elements of effective nonprofit boards

“SVP Boulder County serves a very valuable purpose, and its highly credible Boards with Brains series is key to that purpose," says local nonprofit board member Raj Rawat, a passionate education advocate. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Clyde McKenzie

I was a second-year SVP Partner and a first-time attendee at this year’s SVP Global Summit, May 1-3. I arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, with few preconceived notions, although I hoped to experience SVP fully extended... Breadth? Check. Depth? Check. Read More »

Partner Reflections on the SVP Global Summit: Three Takeaways

As a new board member for SVP Boulder County, I was excited to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the SVP Global Summit – an international gathering of more than 300 individuals representing a global network of SVP staff, corporate and nonprofit partners. In reflecting on the Summit, there were three main takeaways. Read More »

Hot Press – SVP’s New Catapult Investment Hits the Front Page

“We’re poised to go to the next level, and SVP will help us get there sooner rather than later.” Read More »

SVP Global Summit 2019: reflections on “centering” marginalized communities

I’m convinced that centering those who have lacked opportunity, who have experienced ‘isms’, who have been marginalized is crucial to doing better and to avoiding harm. So... Read More »

SVP announces new nonprofit Investee: Longmont Community Justice Partnership

Today SVP is excited to announce Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP) as the most recent Investee in our multi-year Catapult program. “For us, the Longmont Community Justice Partnership demonstrates a compelling investment with significant potential for impact in Boulder County and beyond,” says Jennie Arbogash, CEO. Read More »

Molly Ganley: on being an Adjunct Partner

You may not think you have skills or experiences that are useful in the nonprofit sector, but chances are you do. You might be surprised how applicable your skills are to our community-serving organizations. That's why SVP recently announced openings in our Adjunct Partners program – a fellowship program for community-minded individuals to connect, learn, and engage, while volunteering their knowledge and skills to strengthen local nonprofits... Read More »

Applications Sought for SVP Adjunct Partners: June 14 Deadline

“We seek individuals interested in connecting, learning and engaging, while applying their knowledge and skills to strengthen the nonprofit community as volunteers,” says Jennie Arbogash, Chief Executive Officer. In 2019, SVP Boulder County will welcome three to four new Adjunct Partners..." Read More »

Cal-Wood Education Center: SVP event “helped identify priorities”

In a condensed demonstration of SVP’s Catapult program, Salgado was one of two local nonprofit leaders who had the opportunity to present an organizational opportunity or challenge. Through facilitated conversation, each group then asked clarifying questions and brainstormed possible approaches. Read More »

SVP Partner Spotlight: David Bachrach

For David Bachrach, being involved with SVP Boulder County means coming full circle. Introduced to Community Food Share while serving on an SVP Boulder County committee, Bachrach has since volunteered and donated to the local nonprofit, which aims to eliminate hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Read More »

SVP Addresses Food Insecurity by Partnering with Community Food Share

“There are misperceptions about what hunger looks like in our community. It’s not a static thing... There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So it’s especially important for us to gain a more sophisticated understanding of how to work with our community partners toward eliminating hunger in our service areas, says Michelle Orge, Executive Director of Louisville-based Community Food Share. Read More »

SVP Supports Early Child Development by Partnering with WOW! Children’s Museum

“The Catapult investment renewal was great news for our organization, and for the children and families who learn through play at the museum,” says WOW! Executive Director Jennifer Hinderliter. Read More »

SVP Helps Local Residents Thrive by Partnering with KGNU Community-powered Media

“The Catapult program has been instrumental in supporting an improved organizational structure, implementing much needed technical updates, and providing professional consultation on our core strategic initiatives,” says Station Manager Tim Russo. Read More »

SVP Boulder County renews Catapult investments in three local nonprofits

SVP Boulder County announces renewed investments in three local nonprofits – Community Food Share, KGNU Community Radio, and WOW! Children’s Museum – through its multi-year Catapult program. Read More »

Giving Spotlight: Dita and “Hutch” Hutchinson, SVP Alumni Partners

“We think of SVP as a kind of university model for nonprofits. And just as we would with an alma mater, we want to continue to support the impact and connectivity that SVP brings to our community.” Read More »

Giving Spotlight: Claire Clurman, Alumni Nonprofit Participant

“It’s important to me to give back to SVP for the work they did on behalf of Attention Homes. I’m also a firm believer that the overall health of our community benefits from collaboration between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.” Read More »

Giving Spotlight: John McCorvie, SVP Partner

“On Colorado Gives Day, I encourage everyone to give to the organizations that move them personally. For me, I know that giving to SVP is a great gift because of its multiple levels of impact," says John McCorvie. We encourage you to leverage your giving by making a donation to SVP and using #GivingTuesday to pre-schedule a gift for Colorado Gives Day. Read More »

Welcome New SVP Staffer Spencer Downing

We are pleased to announce that Spencer Downing has joined SVP as our new Program + Volunteer Officer. Read More »

How Much MORE Good Could We Do?

I originally saw the SVP Global Summit as an opportunity to learn. What hit me at my core, though, were the discussions about racism and racial equity work within the SVP context. If we were to really address the systemic issues that perpetuate racism, how much MORE good could we do? Read More »

YWCA Boulder County, SVP’s New 2018 Catapult Investee

SVP will invest in YWCA Boulder County because of this investment’s potential: highlighted by the current leadership’s eagerness for capacity building support, myriad opportunities for SVP Partner engagement and the never more timely need to focus on the welfare of women and their families while addressing issues of racism and equity. Read More »

Be a Part of Something Big: Join SVP Boulder County's Board of Directors

SVP is looking for up to three new Board Members to serve a three-year term beginning January 2019. Read More »

Together We Can Do So Much: SVP Global Summit 2018

Each year the gift of engaging with a team feels even more powerful as the international network of SVP affiliates gathers for the Global Summit. This year’s Summit was attended by almost 250 representatives from most of the 40+ SVP affiliates in eight countries. Over the coming weeks, we’ll bring Summit conversations to SVP’s Partner meeting, new blog posts, committee meetings, strategic planning, and more. Read More »

Once an SVP Investee, Always an Investee

Once a nonprofit has graduated from SVP investment, the organization qualifies for occasional follow-on project and mentoring support. Learn how SVP worked with alumni Investee Wild Plum Center on management team development and morale. Read More »

Year in Review: SVP 2017 Annual and Evaluation Impact Reports Released

SVP Boulder County went into 2017 ready to implement lessons learned after three years of significant growth and change. Read More »

Participate In Our 2018 Programming!

Now is the time to register for SVP's 2018 knowledge and skill-building programs on nonprofit management and governance proven practices. Read More »

Meet Partner Carol (Corky) Dineen

Seven questions with new Partner, entrepreneur and past business owner Corky Dineen. Read More »

A Peek Into a Coach/Client Relationship

While many of us recognize there are areas of ourselves we could improve to be more effective in our work and life, knowing what to do to realize those improvements can feel overwhelming. How do I create a plan of action? What should be included? How do I start and continue the plan, and who is going to help me stick to it? Rachel and Amy have figured it out. Read More »

Our Impact on Philanthropy Development in Boulder County

As a learning organization, SVP Boulder County, as well as SVP International (SVPI), seeks to continually assess its progress and improve its performance. In the summer of 2017 (as happens every two years), SVPI and all SVP affiliates engaged their Partners to assess SVP’s progress and improve its performance. Read More »

Welcome Mary Swanson, SVP Program Coordinator

Welcome Mary Swanson as SVP’s newest staff person! As SVP’s new Program Coordinator, she’ll be responsible for providing management and administrative services to programs that serve nonprofits and givers in order to further the mission of the organization. Learn more about Mary in this blog post. Read More »

Developing Leadership through Connection

This month, we peek inside SVP’s Invested EDs program – a nonprofit leadership cohort where guided peer learning and structured networking strengthen Boulder County’s nonprofit sector. Whatever the specific focus of their organization, Invested EDs offers participants a confidential and safe environment to explore new ideas in leadership. Meeting in person monthly, the current cohort includes ten executives who explore a theme they’ve prioritized in advance. Read More »

Living SVP’s Values (Part 2): “Risking & Growing”

There’s sector-wide acceptance that risk is risky – and failure wastes precious, already limited resources. In truth, nonprofits live in risk. This disconnect is the reason SVP chose to name "Risk & Growth" as a core organizational value. Read More »

Stephanie Wilson on Planned Giving

Stephanie Wilson learned about Social Venture Partners through Community Foundation Boulder County. After a few years of engagement, she decided to include SVP in her estate plan. She notes, "This sort of planned giving is incredibly easy, it allows your dollars to go further by providing tax benefits, and it allows you to support SVP.” Read More »

SVP Adjunct Applications due August 4th!

Social Venture Partners Boulder County is currently accepting applications for Adjunct Partnerships (formerly called “SVP Fellows”). Those with experience in information technology, process mapping, marketing, fundraising, program evaluation, nonprofit management, or nonprofit consulting, in particular, are encouraged to apply. SVP is accepting applications until August 4th for 1-2 open positions. Read More »

KGNU, SVP’s new 2017 Catapult Investee

For five months each year, members of SVP’s Investee Selection Committee (ISC) vet applicant nonprofits to craft well-considered recommendations for new Catapult engagements. Following a presentation of finalist nonprofits at the annual SVP Spring Partner Meeting, Partners discussed and approved (by a large majority) the ISC's new investment recommendation for 2017, KGNU Community Radio. As a Catapult Investee, KGNU will receive extensive consulting support and a cash grant of $12,500. Read More »

Year in Review: 2016 Highlights

Heading into 2016, SVP was ready to roll – three years since earning nonprofit status, we’d firmed up our internal systems. It was big work – including sorting out our most efficient internal operational structures, and adding external programming, expanding the “ways to play” for even more Boulder County nonprofits going forward. Having kept tight focus over the past few years on getting our house in order, in 2016 we decided it was time to hit the road and introduce the “new” SVP to the world around us. Find details about the work of 2016 – our programs, and culture – in our 2016 Annual Report. We’re excited to continue down this road, and take this journey together wherever it leads! Read More »

SVP Seeks Program Coordinator

SVP seeks a Program Coordinator to lead the effort in strengthening local nonprofits. The Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating several of SVP’s nonprofit capacity building programs and providing some internal administrative services to further the mission of SVP. This position is perfect for the individual who loves to work with people, is committed to quality, and cares passionately about building strong nonprofits and caring community. Read More »

Encore Fellowships are here!

SVP is proud to Partner with the national Encore Fellowships Network (EFN) to host Boulder County’s Encore Fellowships program. Learn more about Encore Fellowships on our website, and listen to NPR's story on Intel’s engagement with the program nationally. Read More »

Meet Partner Todd Dutkin

SVP Partner Ed Victor reflects on his meeting with new SVPer Todd Dutkin: "As I find with many at SVP, Todd has an interesting backstory." Read More »

Announcing Sliding-Scale BWB 8-Pack Pricing!

Last month, we announced our 2017 Boards with Brains roster. This month we announce upgrades to our BWB program pricing. In addition to limited session-specific scholarships for individuals, we’re excited to unveil a new sliding-scale pricing structure for BWB 8-packs. We hope organizations with smaller budgets will take advantage of this easy capacity building opportunity. Read More »

Meet 2x Boulderite & SVPer, Tony George

Meet new Partner Tony George. "I like the idea of getting deeply involved with multiple nonprofits, all at a higher level than typical volunteering opportunities present. Being part of a larger network where you can build friends and relationships is also appealing." Read More »

Announcing 2017 Boards with Brains

We’re excited to announce the 2017 Boards with Brains roster! BWB is an open-to-all nonprofit governance education series hosted by Social Venture Partners Boulder County. We design BWB for any member of our community who’s seeking to fortify their personal toolkit around nonprofit governance. Read More »

Executive Director's Journal: Jennie Reflects & Looks Ahead

At this time of year we look back while preparing ourselves for the months ahead. My natural inclination is to review the year through facts. The numbers will tell you that SVP had great impact in 2016. There is hope in the people of SVP, whether they be members or nonprofit allies. And that is what stands out for me as I look forward to 2017. We have plans for big impact and I know our people will give their all for a brighter future. Read More »

Carolyn Powell joins SVP as Encore Program Manager

The SVP team is excited to welcome Carolyn Powell as the Program Manager for Boulder County’s soon-to-launch Encore Fellowships Program. With her extensive understanding of and engagement with the local business, government, and nonprofit sectors, says SVP’s Executive Director Jennie Arbogash, “Carolyn is a superb fit for the Encore Fellowships program and SVP. She brings strong business development, relationship management, and community engagement skill sets while also being an experienced mediator, comfortable in for- and non-profit settings.” Read More »

Partner Profile: Roland Evans

Meet new SVP Boulder County Partner, Roland Evans. In this blog, he answers six questions for SVP. Read More »

Nonprofit Executive Coaching: Now Accepting Clients

Execs Evolve matches trained executive coaches with director-level nonprofit clients in dyads that meet 10-12 times over nine months. Visit our website for details and join us for an info session. Read More »

6 Qs with Tom Briggs

Meet SVP Partner Tom Briggs, who found his way into SVP as the President of an Investee nonprofit. Read More »

Meet New Partner Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams serves to protect and inspire future generations of girls and women. Here, she answers five questions for SVP. Meet new Partner Jackie! Read More »

Announcing SVP's Incoming Board Members for 2017

For the first time in SVP Boulder County’s history, representatives from area nonprofits have been welcomed to apply to serve on its Board of Directors. This Fall, the SVP Board voted in its first nonprofit representative, Amy Ogilvie, Executive Director of Wild Plum Center. Joining Amy on the Board is long-time SVP Partner, Stephanie Wilson. Read More »

SVP's Catapult Program: Time to Apply

SVP helps nonprofits get stronger from the inside, out so you can deliver better results. We’ll select one new nonprofit for our Catapult program, garnering them an investment of capacity building consulting, with a supporting cash grant in 2017. Ideal applicants would like to improve internal strategies and systems while growing leadership skills. Organizations interested in submitting a Catapult LOI should read our full 2017 Request for Proposals, and attend one of three Nonprofit Investment Information Sessions. For the 2017 cycle, Letters of Inquiry (LOI) are due by January 13, 2017, at 4:00pm. Read More »

We’ve Got Work to Do

This week we’ve experienced a historic election. Some of us are stunned by the results, and others are celebrating. This may well have been the outcome no matter who was elected president. This election has demonstrated the division and polarization our country is experiencing. Now more than ever, the work we do together through SVP matters. Read More »

“Engaging & Learning”: Living SVP’s Values, Part 1

“Actively living our shared values here in Boulder County ensures we maintain our integrity and culture while continuing to innovate for greater impact,” reflects Jennie Arbogash, SVP’s Executive Director. “At the top of our list are 'Engaging and Learning'.” Relationships are at the heart of SVP’s structure – and the main vehicle for the expression of this core organizational belief. Staff work to create shared experiences where members together can amplify their understanding of an issue. Read More »

Reflections, One Month In

My tenure at SVP Boulder County has reached the one month mark. This has been one of the fastest months I can remember. My first observations are what a wonderful and caring community we live in! The collaboration of people and consolidation of money, united by a will to make a positive impact, puts Boulder County on the cutting-edge of forward thinking and amazing places to live. I am also struck by the ownership of and pride in the good work of SVP Boulder County demonstrated by each of our SVP Partners I have had the opportunity to meet. Read More »

Election 2016: Colorado Nonprofit Association Legislative Forum

What's on the Colorado ballot this fall and what might the impact be on Boulder County residents? On Tuesday, October 11th, Community Foundation hosted an educational event intended to help nonprofit attendees and others learn about this year’s state ballot initiatives and their potential impacts. Speakers included U.S. Representative Jared Polis, Hilary Hall of the Boulder County Clerk's Office, and Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Senior Director of Public Policy, Mark Turner. Read on for more on the mechanics of the election in Boulder County and an overview of some of the ballot measures on the docket. Read More »

Welcome Audrey – SVP’s new Admin!

SVP is happy to welcome Audrey Moller to the team as our new Administrative Assistant. Stop by the office and say hello – we’re thrilled to call her the newest part of the SVP Boulder County team. Read More »

Risk & Learning: Closure of SVP Investee InReach

Following months of growing clarity around the financial and business management of the organization, the Board of Directors of SVP Catapult Investee InReach made the unanimous decision to close. “The SVP team leading the investment are aligned behind InReach leadership’s assessment of their situation, and the viable next steps before them,” says SVP Executive Director, Jennie Arbogash. Read More »

Gearing Up to Expand Our Impact: Letter from the Campaign Co-Chair

I’ve seen the growth and evolution of SVP firsthand across multiple cities, and am very excited about the future of SVP here in Boulder County. I’ve learned that at the heart of SVP are two questions...the answer to the first part of both is that you don’t do this alone; you team up with like-minded peers and you do this together. Read More »

SVP Expands Board Criteria - Now Accepting Applicants

SVP is looking for one new Board Member to serve a three year term beginning January, 2017. For the first time in SVP Boulder County’s history, Board service is being opened up beyond Partner membership to include representatives of alumni Investees. Individuals who have been active SVP Partners for 6 months or longer OR who have been engaged with SVP through working at an Alumni Investee are welcome to apply online by August 25, 2016. Read More »

In Support of Attention Homes: SVP's Letter to the Editor

In 2015 SVP began investing in Attention Homes. We were blown away by what we found in the organization. We take exception to Jan Hittelman’s statement (Daily Camera, Attention Homes Plan is in the Wrong Location, 6/28/2016) that supportive housing for youth is breaking from Attention Homes’ tradition. Read More »

Physics with Barb Truan

Meet wonderful Barb Truan, new SVP Partner. "My personal experience with SVP as the Interim Executive Director with Boulder County Care Connect brought me to SVP," she shares, continuing "I worked with Peter Spear and a number of other Partners and had such a great and rich experience I became interested in becoming a Partner." Learn how E=MC2 describes this bright addition to the SVP membership. Read More »

Meet Wookiee Warrior Steve Starzec

Meet Steve Starzec, a new SVP Partner representing his business, Bank of the West. On finding his way to SVP. "I was involved with SVP about 10 years ago and really liked the organization since it assists so many non-profits. I took some time off and the Bank was looking to increase its involvement in the Boulder Community so I thought it would be great to rejoin." Read More »

Housekeeping with Attention Homes: an Investee Update

For fifty years, the mission of Attention Homes has been to, “Provide life-changing resources to youth in crisis.” Following their successful application and selection as an SVP Catapult Investee, the work together began. “The work together has been impactful...” notes Executive Director Claire Clurman, continuing, “Being an SVP Investee isn’t for the light-hearted – it’s certainly a commitment. The rewards are paid back so richly, I can’t imagine not having a relationship like this at this point. It’s been very fruitful.” Read More »

Partner Profile: Kelly Rasmussen

Get to know SVP Partner Kelly Rasmussen. Read More »

Partner Profile: Patricia Burgess

Five questions with new SVP Boulder County Partner Patricia Burgess. Read More »

SVP Announces 2016 Catapult Investments

Boulder County nonprofits will receive approximately $300,000 in pro bono consulting, education, and leadership development and at least $75,000 in cash grants from Social Venture Partners Boulder County (SVP) in 2016. “SVP members voted to invest in Attention Homes, Voices for Children CASA, InReach, WOW! Children’s Museum, and Community Food Share because of the vital work each group is doing for local community members.” says Jennie Arbogash, SVP Executive Director. Read More »

Partner Profile: Ed Victor

Ed says he has worked with great people at many nonprofits, but the “caliber of people working with SVP is unique.” Ed believes in the mission of SVP and feels like his work with Attention Homes allows him to grow as a person. “I get to use my work skills to help the nonprofit sector and my work with nonprofits gives me skills that I can bring back to work,” reflects Ed. Read More »

2015 in Review: SVP’s Annual Report Released

2015 saw SVP expand our range of programming to better serve the community’s needs. Now including training, leadership support and deep-dive consulting, a larger number of local nonprofits and leaders can access our services. Our newly released 2015 Annual Report captures the complete picture. Read More »

Why a Membership Campaign?

You may have seen the recent emails about attending an information session regarding SVP Boulder County’s upcoming Membership Campaign. And you may have wondered why you need to come to a meeting and what the Campaign is all about. SVP Boulder County’s Sustainability Advisory Committee and Board of Directors are sponsoring the membership drive to increase the number of Partners in SVP Boulder County. Peter Spear, Partner and Board Chair, shares why he believes the Membership Campaign is important. Read More »

Meet Partner Kay Paine

After 30 years away from Boulder Kay and her husband Roger recently moved back. “My first encounter with SVP sold me on the organization and its model of engagement,” says Kay. Her favorite part of being a Partner is “meeting smart, innovative, enthusiastic people who are committed to making a positive difference in their community, both Partners and Investees.” Read More »

Farewell to Program Associate Caitlin

Caitlin Plaza’s time with us is coming to an end as she has accepted a full-time position with Galvanize in Denver. Caitlin's had whopping big impact in her short time with SVP. Her last day at SVP is March 17th. Read More »

Strong Foundation for Investee Voices for Children CASA

Year one of SVP’s engagement with newest Investee Voices for Children CASA, whose mission is to “provide trained volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children in Boulder County,” was all about “…discovery. The SVP process has helped us get to know ourselves better,” reflects Executive Director Nia Wassink. “SVP goes deeper than other consultants can, challenging us to go beyond business as usual.” Read More »

Meet Partner Kristin Imo

Kristin Imo’s favorite part of being a Partner in SVP is “the way that you become close to the community through Partners and Investees that are working to make Boulder an even better place to call home.” She also appreciates the thoughtful approach that SVP takes in connecting partners to projects that align with their skills and interests. Meet SVP Boulder County Partner Kristin Imo. Read More »

SVP Investee Seeks New ED: InReach Job Posting

Current SVP Investee, InReach (formerly the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research, or BIPR) has kicked off the search for a new half-time Executive Director. Read More »

Partners Make a Difference for Investees, pt 2

The heart of SVP is how we pair Partner purpose with nonprofit mission. Partners bring business acumen to a nonprofit’s need to demonstrate impact – and both sides win. This post continues telling the story of how Partners have helped Investees this year, including assistance with various financial systems, leadership development, and through the renewal of existing or creation of new programming in service of mission. Read More »

Partners Make a Difference for Investees, pt 1

The heart of SVP is how we pair Partner purpose with nonprofit mission. Partners bring business acumen to a nonprofit’s need to demonstrate impact – and both sides win. Big picture or small, Investees describe their SVP experience in a variety of ways. The heart of SVP is how we pair Partner purpose with nonprofit mission. Partners bring business acumen to a nonprofit’s need to demonstrate impact – and both sides win. Read More »

In Case You Missed It: SVP's 2016 BOARDS WITH BRAINS Roster

Using your input on the nonprofit governance topics you'd most like to see, we announced our BOARDS WITH BRAINS roster for 2016 last month. BOARDS WITH BRAINS sessions are open to everyone, whether or not you have an SVP affiliation; if you find the topic relevant, you’re welcome to attend. Click through to see the 2016 roster of classes and register. Read More »

Meet New Partner Christy Bergman

Five questions with new SVP Boulder County Partner Christy Bergman. Read More »

SVP Launches Investee Peer Learning Cohort

This week SVP launches a new program, Invested EDs, specifically for executive directors of current and alumni Investees. The program has been structured as monthly peer learning meetings in order to cultivate relationships between Investees, promote knowledge development, and deepen/maintain relationships between Investees and SVP. Read More »

SVP Boulder County Board Elects Officers

The governing Board of Social Venture Partners Boulder County has elected Executive Committee officers following November’s unanimous vote to add three new members to its ranks. SVP’s Board of Directors is the governing body, overseeing vision, mission, and internal operations of the organization and are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring decisions are carried out in the manner intended. Executive Committee members accept additional responsibilities beyond the Board’s overall fiscal and strategic oversight responsibilities. Read More »

Onward into the New Year

This is an exciting, vibrant time in SVP’s history. As we near the end of the year, I am thankful for each and every member of our SVP team. After eight years serving as SVP’s Executive Director, I feel as invigorated as ever. The people of SVP have already accomplished so much, and yet there are so many other ways for us to have new and deeper impact in Boulder County, that it feels like we haven’t even scratched the surface. Read More »

Evaluating the Impacts of SVP: On Partners & Investees

SVP believes in being a learning organization, continually assessing and transforming our programs and services for maximum impact. This week, SVP is proud to release three reports highlighting successes, challenges, impacts, and examples of our work: Case Study of Boulder County CareConnect and SVP Boulder County, Report on Impact in Capacity Building 2015, and the Report on Impact in Philanthropy Development 2015. Read More »

Firsts for SVP Boulder County

SVP Boulder County builds relationships between donors, volunteers and organizations that are out to change our world. Since becoming a 501(c)(3) last year SVP Boulder County has been doing many of the things it advises other nonprofits: writing policies, developing new programs and social enterprises, investing in staff, and for the first time sending out a year-end appeal and participating in Colorado Gives Day (Tu 12/8/2015). Read More »

SVP Board Welcomes New Members

Social Venture Partners Boulder County strengthens BoCo’s nonprofit sector through programming that includes business consulting, executive coaching, and education. SVP Partners direct the mission, vision, innovation, and policies of SVP Boulder County through a representative Board of Directors. This month, SVP Partners unanimously elected Dennis Berry, Amy Maranowicz and Jeanette Marquess to join SVP’s Board. Read More »

Field Notes: Alumni Partner Finds his Passion

As one of SVP’s founding Partners, Andrew Currie went through a quick immersion in the nonprofit world. Using those lessons learned, Andrew fine-tuned his personal areas of focus and philanthropic engagement. “I apply what I’ve learned at SVP to my giving and creating my own projects for The Good,” says Andrew, continuing, “As an example I gathered together a small group of people passionate about helping endangered wildlife to create a conservation buyers group LLC." Curious Partners and others wanting to learn more about this sort of impact investment work are invited to join Andrew in a kick-off gathering on Tuesday Nov 10th at Impact HUB Boulder. Read More »

SVP Boulder County Now Accepting 2016 Letters of Inquiry

SVP Boulder County believes that strong nonprofits deliver better results. That’s why we invest capacity building consulting, education, mentoring, and cash grants to build the strength and sustainability of local organizations. We have provided over $2.2 million worth of education and management consulting and $1.4 million in cash grants to 26 nonprofits in Boulder County. We’re ready to give more! SVP is accepting Letters of Inquiry (LOI) for 2016 pro-bono consulting and cash grant investments – submitted by January 8, 2016. Read More »

Living Our Values to Reach our Vision: 15y of SVP in Boulder County

Last month SVP celebrated 15 years of serving Boulder County...here’s what struck me as I looked back: One, SVP has always been about people. Two, much has changed over the years but our vision and values have held true. We don’t just help nonprofits use smart business practices, strengthen leadership skills, and improve outcomes. We are guided by core values such as leveraging and strengthening, engaging and learning, inclusivity and respect, connecting and collaborating, and risking and growing. In honor of our 15 year focus on strong nonprofits, below you’ll find stories about SVP’s work with nonprofits that exemplifies each set of our core values. Read More »

Opening New Doors: Making Introductions

By introducing a friend or professional colleague to SVP Boulder County they learn more about our important work, and if their philanthropic goals align with ours it could lead to a partnership. Both are a win for SVP Boulder County and the nonprofits we work with. Read More »

Execs Evolve: Support for Nonprofit Leaders

Hello everyone, Caitlin here with a quick snapshot of SVP Boulder County’s newest pilot program, Execs Evolve. You may be asking, what is Execs Evolve? Great question! It’s our brand new, nine-month executive coaching program, and it gives SVP the chance to extending our capacity building offerings to more local nonprofits. Read More »

Safe Shelter Continues To Shine Light on Domestic Violence

True to form, Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley had a busy summer – always a busy season for domestic abuse organizations. This SVP Investee since 2013 is preparing for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, and strategic planning this Fall. Read More »

Wanted: Board Members for SVP

SVP Boulder County’s Board of Directors is the governing body, overseeing vision, mission, and internal operations of the organization. SVP is looking for one to three new Board Members to serve a three year term beginning in January. Read More »

Ready to Work Trainees Get a Home

SVP’s capacity building work with Bridge House from 2009-2012 helped the organization mature, rebrand and launch an employment program for Boulder’s homeless population. In the interim, that program has evolved and strengthened into what Ready to Work is today: a holistic program with two social enterprises which provide paid transitional employment for homeless men and women, and, starting this week, housing for up to 48 people putting their lives back together. Read More »

4-Months In, Shannon Reflects

What has the first four months as SVP Boulder County’s new Membership Director meant for me? Lots of coffees, lunches and great conversations! Over the last four months, I have met with nearly half of the Partnership and loved every minute of those meetings. I’ve asked Partners about their experience as new, and in some cases not so new, Partners. Read More »

CRC on the Rise: A Path Forward Investee Update

After nearly forty years of working to advance conservation efforts, Boulder’s Center for Resource Conservation felt adrift. The needs of the community had changed, and the organization craved renewed focus. CRC’s partnership with Social Venture Partners Boulder County began in 2013. Says Dan Stellar, CRC’s Senior Director of Sustainability Programs, “SVP really helped structure the process, bringing extremely helpful enthusiasm, expertise, and experience in strategic planning.” Read More »

Finding Purpose, Making Impact: Vicky Johns Partner Profile

A variety of backgrounds and experiences guide Partners to SVP. After years of exploring unmet needs and purchase drivers for the consumer brand sector, Vicky Johns increasingly found herself looking for a different sense of purpose. Says Vicky, “You get to a point in your career where you’ve built a successful business, and begin to consider how you can apply that experience in way that serves your local community and causes you believe in – to make an impact in a different way.” Read more, in this Partner Profile. Read More »

The Evolution of Les: Ideas-Into-Action Partner Profile

A wide variety of backgrounds and experiences guide Partners to SVP. A lifetime pursuit of social justice led SVP Partner Les to Social Venture Partners Boulder County. “It’s been an intimidating but healthy way to push myself.” says Les. “Luckily, SVP has offered me just that.” Read more, in this Partner Profile. Read More »

SSIR Blog: “Can Individual & Institutional Donors be Friends?”

In this blog post for the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), SVP's Executive Connector Paul Shoemaker & friends from the Ford Foundation describe how despite some enduring differences, the perspectives and work of individual funders and foundations are a lot closer than most people think -- and its good news for philanthropy. Read More »

In Case You Missed It: SVP’s Newest Investees

SVP’s May Spring Partner Meeting agenda included voting to select the next class of nonprofits for SVP’s capacity building programming. Last month, SVP announced the addition of Attention Homes and Voices for Children CASA to our Investee cohort for the 2015-2016 investment year. Read More »

Macro View of Poverty's Biological Effects - And What It Means for Boulder

In the last month, two different friends shared with me two unrelated studies that struck me. Neither study is judgmental or preachy, rather both are thought provoking and instructional for the work we do at Bridge House – particularly Ready to Work. Read More »

Case Study: SocEnt Pilot in Perspective

From 2013 through 2014, SVP Boulder County conducted a pilot program to “test drive” how SVP might engage the social enterprise model in our ongoing capacity building programming. Hot off the presses is an in-depth case study of this third phase of SVP’s SocEnt pilot. Read More »

Announcing SVP's 2015-2016 Investee Class

“SVP Partners voted to invest in Attention Homes, Voices for Children CASA, Center for ReSource Conservation, InReach (formerly Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research), Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley, and Boulder County CareConnect because of the vital work each group is doing for Boulder County.” says Jennie Arbogash, Executive Director. “We are especially excited to be supporting two of these organizations for the first time.” Read More »

Investee Update: BIPR’s Next Chapter

The Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research (BIPR), a nonprofit provider of affordable mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, families and couples, is an organization on the cusp of significant organizational change. It’s an exciting time, 15 years after they began, and SVP is glad to stand by their side in what’s next. Read More »

Occasional Insight: Alumni Investees & SVP

Around the SVP office, we share frequent moments of pride when we get word from current or former Investees. In addition to the ongoing capacity project updates and telephone assistance we provide to our current Investee class, we also offer help to SVP’s alumni Investees from time to time. Read More »

2014 in Review: ‘Onward, Upward’ Indeed

We’re thrilled to share a retrospective of our busy year, in the form of SVP Boulder County’s 2014 Annual Report. In it, you’ll find the story of SVP’s shift to nonprofit independence while also expanding capacity building programming in service of Boulder County’s nonprofits, boards, and staff. Read More »

Welcome Shannon, SVP’s new Membership Director!

Bringing the unique experience of having already been both an SVP Investee staffer and SVP Partner to the job, today Shannon Sackmann joins SVP Boulder County as Membership Director. Her responsibilities will include facilitating a high-quality, engaged, an impactful experience for Partners while contributing to the financial sustainability of SVP Boulder County. Read More »

Execs Evolve: Nonprofit Leadership Coaching through SVP's Newest Program

Coaching services are highly sought after in Boulder County’s nonprofit community. Broadening SVP’s continuum of capacity building services, SVP is excited to announce "Execs Evolve", SVP Boulder County's affordable new nine-month executive coaching program for nonprofit directors. Read More »

SVP Hiring: Membership Director opening

SVP is looking for a part-time Membership Director, responsible for facilitating a high-quality, engaged and impactful experience for our members and contributing to financial sustainability for the organization. Click to read the complete job description; qualified candidates should apply by February 25. Read More »

Benefits of Inclusion: Diversity & Outcomes

SVP kicked off our 2015 educational programming with the first session in our BOARDS WITH BRAINS series last week. Trainer/consultant Erica Baruch of Erica Baruch Consulting, led the group in a conversation on “Diversity & Outcomes: How Inclusion Improves Organizational Success”. Read More »

Announcing 2015 BOARDS WITH BRAINS!

Whether on-boarding new Board members, or vying to align with proven best practice in the sector, Social Venture Partner’s BOARDS WITH BRAINS series is designed to help create stronger, smarter, and more effective leaders for Boulder County’s nonprofits. We’re excited to share with you our 2015 roster of topics. Read More »

Powerful Opportunity to Give and Grow Through SVP Boulder County

SVP welcomes an individual to join our efforts this winter by announcing a new fellowship opening for community-minded individuals working and/or living in Boulder County who have experience in information technology, process mapping, marketing, fundraising, program evaluation, nonprofit management, or nonprofit consulting. Read More »

Be SVP: Volunteers Wanted

It’s "PGC” time…just one of the many ways Partners can get involved in SVP. In addition to the PGC, we’re also looking for Partners to serve as Executive Coaches, help with writing projects, or work directly with SVP Investee nonprofits. Read More »

Call for 2015 Letters of Inquiry

SVP is accepting Letters of Inquiry (LOI) for 2015 pro-bono consulting and cash grant investments – submitted by January 9, 2015. Organizations interested in submitting a LOI must read our full 2015 Request for Proposals and attend in-person an Investment Information Session. Read More »

Corporate Partnerships: It’s About the Relationship

SVP recently hosted 2014's final KNOCKOUT INVESTEE series session on strategic corporate partnerships, facilitated by Lisa McAlister of With Good Cause, a boutique marketing firm whose mission is creating meaningful relationships between for-profits and non-profits. Lisa approaches strategic partnership from a focus on connections. Read More »

How Might We Intentionally Create Meaningful Relationships?

I am most deeply connected to who I am when in relationship with my family. Similarly, I am deeply connected to who I am for the world when in relationship with others who have the same passion for social good. When I go to the SVP Network conference every year I am surrounded by a few hundred of my people. Read More »

Revisiting SVP’s 2014 Network Conference

Boulder County was well represented in Austin at this year’s “Audacious Philanthropy” conference, the SVP global network’s annual gathering. The Boulder County contingent got the opportunity to think bigger picture, and smaller scale. Read More »

Seeking Administrative Assistant

SVP is currently looking for a part-time Administrative Assistant, responsible for providing administrative and clerical services to both programs and operations to further the mission of SVP. Please send cover letter, résumé and a list of three references to admin@svpbouldercounty.org by October 17, 2014. Read More »

Aligning Structure to Strategy: a Values-Centered Method

Obviously, I have nothing against strategic planning. In fact, I love it. I do have something against how it’s typically done, and how a strategic plan is typically written and organized. So first, stop using the term “strategic plan” and start doing strategy. Read More »

Ramble on Pearl - A Boutique Outlet with Social Purpose

A dear friend recently said visiting a Chihuly exhibit with me was like going to the zoo with his young grandson.  [...] Read More »

Board Retention: Tips to Try (part 2 of 2)

As a follow up to our part 1 blog post on recruiting quality board members, read on for ideas on how to RETAIN your organization’s great board members... Read More »

Wanted: Partners for SVP Boulder County's Board

SVP Boulder County is looking for one to three new Board Members to serve a three year term beginning November 2014. Read on to find the SVP Board job description, and link to apply by September 22, 2014. Read More »

Field Notes: Dan Catlin on SVP in Asia

I had the chance to travel to three of the world's largest metropolitan areas as a guest of the local SVP chapters to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and assist some of the newest SVPs and their partners begin their journeys in making an impact in their communities using the SVP model. I learned so much about emerging philanthropy in NE Asia, and about my own journey, in the field. Read More »

Field Notes: Rich Hoops on Being Unreasonable in Nairobi

After the conference in Tanzania, I headed to Kampala to work with the entrepreneurs/enterprises at the Unreasonable Institute-East Africa. As I began to work with Fellows, I’d hear again and again, "All these people are in your network back home?", "What is it about Boulder?" Read More »

Field Notes: Rich Hoops on Social Enterprise in East Africa

I was recently in Tanzania...Although the surroundings are quite different from the US, the interest, issues, opportunities and challenges surrounding social enterprise in East Africa are no different than back home in Boulder County. Read More »

Board Recruitment: The Value of Strategy (part 1 of 2)

Last week I had the opportunity to provide an educational workshop for SVP Boulder County’s BOARDS WITH BRAINS program on recruitment and retention. Read on for highlights from the first part of training... Read More »

“Coaching Skills” PARTNER BOOTCAMP Recap

Last week, SVP Boulder County hosted Sue Brundege, SVP Partner and Executive Coach, Senior Facilitator, and Consultant at Integrated Work Strategies, for a PARTNER BOOTCAMP session on coaching skills for leaders. While the nuances and modalities of professional coaching can take many shapes, the June 17th session offered a broad overview of how it can be applied to most any audience, client type or circumstance. Read More »

Joining the Governance Team: a Session Recap

On June 12 SVP Boulder County hosted a BOARDS WITH BRAINS session on nonprofit board governance with BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer Emily Davis, President of Emily Davis Consulting. Read More »

Fundraising Fundamentals: a 101 Recap

On May 22, SVP Boulder County hosted a BOARDS WITH BRAINS education session on the topic of fundraising for board members, led by Leslie Allen and Ann Goldman of Front Range Source. This session helped make fundraising accessible by asking board members to asses their existing skills, and fundraise within their own comfort zone. Read More »

SVP @ Boulder Startup Week: Nonprofit Social Enterprise Panel

SVP Boulder County was proud to host a panel of nonprofit social enterprises during 2014’s Boulder Startup Week. SVP Executive Director Jennie Arbogash moderated a panel that showcased some of Boulder County’s brightest nonprofit entrepreneurs, including Bridge House’s Isabel McDevitt, Dental Aid’s Dennis Lewis, Center for Resource Conservation’s Michelle Barnes, and Intercambio’s Lee Shainis. Read More »

SVP Announces 2014 Investments

Social Venture Partners Boulder County grants pro bono consulting and $75,000 to local nonprofits; Boulder [...] Read More »

A Look Back: SVP's TLC Learning Center Case Study

This month SVP Boulder County is proud to graduate TLC Learning Center and is sharing highlights of the three year [...] Read More »

Highlights from SVP’s March “Bottom Line Boards” Session

By Julie Simmons SVP Spring 2014 Community Outreach Intern, with Caryn Capriccioso of interSector Partners, [...] Read More »

SVP Spring Gathering: Secure your early-bird hotel rates now!

Join others from across the SVP Network this April 24th for the SVP Spring Gathering, this year in Scottsdale, [...] Read More »

We’ve got Internships!

Calling all students! SVP is looking for vibrant, business-saavy interns to join our ranks for the Winter [...] Read More »

Hitting the Highlights: Covering Your Governance Bases

by Emily Davis, of Emily Davis Consulting On December 5th, I had the pleasure of joining SVP Boulder County as [...] Read More »

Out with a Bang

Man alive, have we had a lot going on this fall! In addition to an illuminating alumni investee panel, a [...] Read More »

Dan Catlin Honored with Paul Shoemaker Award

With characteristic humility Dan Catlin accepted the SVP Network’s Paul Shoemaker Award today saying he doesn’t [...] Read More »

SVP Identifies Role in Flood Response

Last week, Boulder County experienced tragic flash flooding. With the water receding and recovery efforts in full [...] Read More »

SVP Investee CareConnect Responds to Flood

Boulder County CareConnect protects the security, comfort and independence of seniors and adults with disabilities [...] Read More »

We’re New, Baby

You know how you feel when you get a new haircut or a new car? You suddenly get a twinkle in your eye, a bounce in [...] Read More »

The Long Haul

In times of disaster the light often shines when we get to see the best come out in people – neighbors helping [...] Read More »

Partners Needed for Focus Area Research Team

There is a chasm between the challenges we face today as a community, and the scale at which we are currently [...] Read More »

Boulder County Flood Relief Update - Sept 16, 2013

SVP Boulder County’s offices have re-opened with normal hours of operation.  Please continue to follow our blog, [...] Read More »

Boulder County Flood Relief (9/13/2013)

As we find ourselves and our community confronted with significant flooding and accessibility issues our thoughts [...] Read More »

Innovation for Good: Tim Rohrer Partner Profile

A research scientist, academic and entrepreneur, Tim Rohrer was a longtime donor to environmental non-profits and [...] Read More »

Ask an Expert: Shared Leadership - Board & Executive Director Roles

Question Dear SVP, I serve on a board and we’re having a hard time figuring out how the board makes sure we [...] Read More »

Is Social Enterprise a Solution to Nonprofit Sustainability?

Almost every day we see something in the local, national, or world news about the intersection of business and [...] Read More »

Ask an Expert: Text Fundraising Campaigns

Question Dear SVP, My nonprofit's Board has become intrigued with the idea of doing fundraising through [...] Read More »

Ordering a Cake and Restricting it Too

Two weeks ago I was out to lunch with a potential new corporate sponsor, who got very excited about a program we did a while ago, where we provided computer training classes in Vietnamese to parents so that they could learn to check their kids’ grades online through Seattle Public Schools’ Source program. Read More »

Why We Need More Women in the Boardroom

In the 25 years I've worked as an international business coach, I've witnessed business leaders suffer from the same blind spot -- not enough women on their boards. Companies where at least 20 percent of seats in the boardroom are occupied by women deliver stronger business results. How could this success possibly be ignored and not acted upon? Read More »

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

With music and videos clips, Dynamic Partners introduces us to the amazing kids and families they get to work with – celebrating what is, and committing to what can be! As a consortium of three nonprofit organizations and two social enterprises,Dynamic Partners empowers children with special needs, and their caregivers, through quality services, products, collaboration and innovation. Read More »