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Client Impact

Nonprofits can tap into the many ways to play in SVP. Depending on where they’re needing help most, they can benefit from our education, leadership development or consulting programming. Find more about the impact of our various programs, below.


Case Studies (in depth):Catapult

Summaries (from SVP’s early years):Dollar Sign

About our education programs

Some 200+ members of the Boulder County community attended SVP’s Boards With Brains educational programming in 2018. Staff and volunteers from 70+ organizations came to these professional development trainings to enhance and align their awareness of nonprofit governance best practices.

Sessions covered a breadth of governance themes, including introductory overviews, fundraising and financial management trainings.Idea People

Attendee Outcomes

  • Best practice
  • Skill building
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Improved organizational performance
  • Networking

Attendee feedback:Pencil

  • “Everyone who attends takes away different golden nuggets of good information”
  • “[BWB] helps build competence in the community” “Effective, actionable trainings and great networking opportunities with other nonprofits”
  • “Well done, SVP, I’m always impressed with your workshops”
  • “Quality is high, with valuable, relevant information provided”


In 2018 SVP provided executive coaching services to leaders from 12 nonprofits in Boulder County. Clients meet with a volunteer coach twelve times over nine months to develop behavioral changes which will transform them, their work, the people around them, and their organization.Conversation

Client Outcomes

  • Skill attainment
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Improved organizational performance

Partner Outcomes

  • Skill attainment
  • Relationship development
  • Improved philanthropic performance





In 2018, SVP provided ten nonprofit leaders with facilitated peer learning to grow management/leadership knowledge and skill while building valuable relationships. Participants meet once a month to discuss topics ranging from building diverse, inclusive organizations to effectively engaging board members to sharing performance feedback.

Client OutcomesConversationConnections

  • increased leadership and management knowledge
  • increased leadership and management skill
  • strong relationships with other sector leaders