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COVID-19 Response

Comprehensive SVP COVID-19 Response Support
Social Venture Partners Boulder County is offering a range of supportive services designed to help you cope, plan, and act during the next three months. We offer advice, consultation, and (perhaps most helpful) a sounding board FREE OF CHARGE over the next several months of the COVID-19 crisis. This is not merely for immediate survival; we’re here to help you in emerging and moving beyond crisis.

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You will hear from us within 24-48 hours.

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The range of available online COVID-related resources such as websites, webinars, blog posts, fact sheets, etc. can be overwhelming. CLICK HERE for a thoughtfully curated list of resources.

SVP is well positioned to support Nonprofits in these areas:

FINANCES, STRATEGY & PLANNING: SVP is sponsored by the Knight Foundation and is partnering with the Boulder Community Foundation and  COVID-19 Finance Assistance Network (FAN) to help nonprofits to secure funding from government sources and to provide technical assistance with compliance and reporting once government funds have been approved. SVP can also offer support in identifying other sources of funds and grant opportunities.
As you think about going forward, we can help you with planning and strategy. This can involve short-term issues, such as cash retention strategies, budgeting, scenario planning, making tough decisions regarding staffing, how to manage remote teams, and other immediate needs. It also may include long-term matters, including post-COVID finances, ongoing operations, and even questions about merging with another organization.
Note: If you do apply for guidance from the FAN, we recommend that you let us know by filling out the request form above. This will allow us to alert the FAN and help ensure a quick turnaround. We will also follow up with you to make sure you have received the support you need.

BOARD PERFORMANCE: Boards can play an important role in supporting your organization during the crisis. We have a variety of SVP resources, such as SVP videos and “Board Considerations During the Pandemic” and can also offer personalized support to help your Board support you most effectively.

DEVELOPMENT AND FUNDRAISING . We are also working to support development and fundraising during the crisis. We can provide personalized support on your development and fundraising strategies and have joined with Longmont Community Foundation to provide peer-learning and support for development staff.

SELF-CARE AND STAFF WELLNESS: Ensuring the mental and physical well-being of both you and your staff is critical during a crisis. SVP is prepared to support your organizational wellness with a variety of SVP resources, including a series of SVP videos, group and individual programs, and consultation.

LEADERSHIP. Crisis leadership requires adopting practices that often differ markedly than those used in normal day-to-day leadership. We have resources and are prepared to offer support in areas such as crisis leadership, managing in a remote world, and crisis communications.

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Contact staff@svpbouldercounty.org if you have any questions or suggestions.