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2019 in Review: Releasing SVP’s Annual Report

Posted by jennie
Cute elementary age girl smiles as she donates a bag of apples during a community food drive.

Wealth and employment opportunities abound here in Boulder County. Yet our communities face increasing challenges: a shortage of affordable housing, racism and ageism, and a rate of child poverty consistent with the national average. To successfully meet these challenges requires collaborative action—givers, nonprofits, and impact leaders working together to create positive change.

Since 2000, SVP Boulder County has contributed more than $7 million worth of consulting, education, coaching, mentoring, and advising and $1.65 million in cash grants to several hundred nonprofits. The volunteer power for this work came from more than 250 Partner members who received education, connections, and high-level engagement.

In 2019, SVP expanded and reconfigured our programming to better serve the community’s needs. Now including short-term consulting, in addition to education, leadership support and multi-year consulting, a larger number of local nonprofits and leaders can access our services. And, Partner members have more opportunities to learn and volunteer.

These efforts and more made for an exciting time in the life of the organization! Learn more in SVP’s 2019 Annual Report, hot off the presses.

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