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Encore Fellowships are here!

Posted by olga

SVP is proud to Partner with the national Encore Fellowships Network (EFN) to host Boulder County’s Encore Fellowships program. Interested prospective Fellows, nonprofits with potential projects, and corporate program sponsors should contact Carolyn Powell, SVP’s Program Manager, to learn more about what Encore Fellowships offer (carolyn@svpbouldercounty.org or at 303-506-5359).

Encore Fellowships, match seasoned professionals with nonprofits in paid transitional assignments where experienced professionals leverage their skills for the community good. Adding Encore Fellowships as another of our programs expands SVP’s ability to strengthen nonprofits from the inside, out. Fellows work one-year terms as high level placements taking on roles that deliver significant, sustained impact to their nonprofit host organizations. They are also able to earn a stipend, learn about social purpose work, and develop a new network of contacts and resources for the future.

Learn more about SVP’s Encore Fellowships for Boulder County nonprofits on our website, and listen to this NPR story on Intel’s engagement with the program nationally below:

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