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Reflections, One Month In

Posted by olga
Water bear. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a water bear (Paramacrobiotus craterlaki) in moss. Water bears (or tardigrades) are tiny invertebrates that live in aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats such as lichen and damp moss. Paramacrobiotus craterlaki is a carnivorous species that feeds on nematodes and rotifers. Water bears are found throughout the world, including regions of extreme temperature, such as hot springs, and extreme pressure, such as deep underwater. They can also survive the high levels of radiation and vacuum of space. Magnification: x330 when printed at 10 centimetres wide.

By Audrey Moller, SVP Administrative Assistant


I have had the awesome privilege of sharing an office with three incredibly bright and compassionate women, who inspire me to no end. Every day that I come to our office at the Impact HUB, I get inspired by something new and fantastic in our community and the world; from a delicious organic breakfast, given by Naturally Boulder, who sponsor natural food start-ups; to learning about tardigrades (photo above), the world’s toughest animal; to learning just how many ways SVP supports our community with leadership development, educational events, collaboration with other non-profits, and sometimes even just words of encouragement to help guide our SVP friends and family.

I have had the privilege of attending several SVP events. My first observations are what a wonderful and caring community we live in! The collaboration of people and consolidation of money, united by a will to make a positive impact, puts Boulder County on the cutting-edge of forward thinking and amazing places to live. I am also struck by the ownership of and pride in the good work of SVP Boulder County demonstrated by each of our SVP Partners I have had the opportunity to meet.

SVP is growing and broadening its scope to include more people, more programs, and more much needed support to our community! What an exciting time for me to join the team.


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