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Risk & Learning: Closure of SVP Investee InReach

Posted by olga
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By Olga Heifets


Following months of growing clarity around the financial and business management of the organization, the Board of Directors of SVP Catapult Investee InReach made the unanimous decision to close.

“The SVP team leading the investment are aligned behind InReach leadership’s assessment of their situation, and the viable next steps before them,” says SVP Executive Director, Jennie Arbogash, adding that “SVP is committed to providing InReach the support they’re needing for a closure that is thorough, ethical, legal, expedient, and respectful of client and stakeholder interests.”

Much care and attention has been put into ensuring a continuity of care for current InReach clients – training programs have been closed down, and therapists, supervisors and staff have worked quickly to transfer client relationships to capable insured and licensed therapists beyond the legal auspices of the organization.

Despite an ever-increasing need for the organization’s services, InReach couldn’t withstand the growing pressure on its business from mounting financial deficiencies.  This is a field that has experienced dwindling financial support for some time.

Reflects Jennie, “While this is a huge loss for our community, I do not see it as  an unwise investment for SVP. We took a thoughtful risk to invest in a nonprofit providing needed, unduplicated mental health services in our community. Had the organization been able to thrive, many more children and adults would have received the affordable care they need and cannot access elsewhere. I’d rather be able to say we gave it our all for an important cause than that we stood by while they faltered.”

Similarly “Throughout SVP’s investment,” says Jennie, “we were impressed by how hard InReach’s leadership worked to learn and improve.  The whole staff and volunteer team has been incredibly dedicated to providing excellent care for our community. This closure should in no way diminish the impact they have had on many people’s lives over the years – providing therapy to over 1,500 people, educating thousands of mental health professionals, and much more.”

We are also eternally grateful for the commitment, passion, diligence, skill, and heart our SVP Partners have shared with InReach over the past two plus years.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
– Robert F. Kennedy


  1. Tom Briggs

    On behalf of the board and staff of InReach, allow me, as the last President of the InReach board of directors, to express our gratitude for the wonderful support we received from SVP. Sadly, the headwinds we faced overwhelmed our financing capacity.

    The next step is for the community. InReach is the second nonprofit mental health services provider to close its doors in Boulder in 2016. We, as a community, must find at least one more provider to meet the needs of the children and adults formerly served by InReach affordably and professionally.

  2. olga

    Thanks for your kind words Tom. We’re sad to see InReach close its doors, were proud to have tried to help, and given the need across our community for these services, we echo your call for additional support.

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