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Execs Evolve: Support for Nonprofit Leaders

Posted by olga

By Caitlin Plaza, SVP Program Associate

Hello everyone, Caitlin here with a quick snapshot of SVP Boulder County’s newest pilot program, Execs Evolve. You may be asking, what is Execs Evolve? Great question! It’s our brand new, nine-month executive coaching program, and it gives SVP the chance to extending our capacity building offerings to more local nonprofits.

Created by staff and one of our amazingly talented Partners, Sue Brundege, Execs Evolve came about after stakeholder input identified the need for more executive support. With the generosity of our Partners time, talents, and donations SVP was able to make Execs Evolve happen.

We had three main goals starting this program:

  1. Strengthen the leadership and management capacity of local nonprofit leaders.
  2. Build deeper relationships between SVP and a broader variety of community nonprofits.
  3. Leverage SVP Partner’s significant business acumen and provide them with additional ways to volunteer.

2015June - Execs Evolve Matching Event, p1The program officially started at our Matching Event where clients and coaches had the opportunity to get to know each other.  From there we were able to pair our clients and coached with a mix of preferences, common interests, needs, and skills. There are currently a total of seven coaching pairs meeting and working together.2015June - Execs evolve Matching Event, p2

Executive coaching can be truly impactful to those who are both the clients, and the coaches. Defining executive coaching can be a bit tricky. This has been the most powerful definition that I have come across:

“Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes which transform themselves and the people around them, increasing business results and performance” – Jeremy Robinson

This is what we are all about here at SVP Boulder County, we believe stronger nonprofits deliver better results. What better way to do so than work alongside the executives of local nonprofits? It’s been wonderful to hear the impact that both our coaches and clients have already seen and felt within their first few meetings.

More updates on this pilot year of Execs Evolve programming to come in future updates.


  1. Pat Calhoun

    Hi, I’m the incoming board chair at SVP Pittsburgh. I attended Jennie Arbogash’s presentation at the SVPI conference. Afterwards, I mentioned to her that we are doing and launching some similar efforts here and asked if we could get a copy of the curriculum for the Execs Evolve program and also a list and description of the workshops that you run for non-profits. I’m emailing to follow up with that request. Thanks.

  2. olgaheifets

    Hello Pat! Just discovered your website comment here — let me respond from email instead of here on the website. Thanks for getting in touch!

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