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Time to Reflect & Rewire

Posted by Tim Schottman

If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. — Lilla Watson Slow down, be kind. — Fred (Mr.) Rogers In the last two and a half years, one of the greatest rewards of […] Read More »

SVP Attends Global Engagement Lab with Edge Funders Alliance

Posted by Cathy Lehman

In early November I had the opportunity to represent SVP International at a four-day retreat in France for global funders committed to systems change philanthropy. The Global Engagement Lab was created by the Indie Philanthropy Initiative and Edge Funders Alliance to explore how “systemic crises” are being countered by “systemic alternatives” in the philanthropic sector. It’s a six-month cohort for roughly 30 global philanthropic […] Read More »

Impact Investing Community of Practice Call- Jan. 16, 2018

Posted by Emily Reitman

While SVP’s traditional model leverages grantmaking practices to increase the impact of community nonprofits, other financial mechanisms can direct additional capital to nonprofits and entrepreneurs tackling community problems. This call  focused on a specific impact investment structured by SVP Denver Partners. SVP Denver recently syndicated an Impact Investment in one of their nonprofit social enterprise clients, […] Read More »

The New Faces of Change

Posted by Tim Schottman

In September I introduced you to 9 exemplary individuals, SVP leaders from across the network who are dedicated to helping SVP International carry our global movement forward. Today, I'm proud to announce the election results. Read More »

AMPED! Turns 1: The A-List

Posted by Michael Castle

AMPED hit your devices a year ago. To celebrate, we've collected the stories YOU chose as the most moving, most clickable and shareable from every issue. See if you can guess the blue-ribbon champ! Read More »

2017 Philanthropy Outcomes Report

Posted by Emily Reitman

Measuring our impact is only possible with the generous participation of our SVP Affiliates. Get the latest edition of our biennial Philanthropy Outcomes Report. Read More »

SVP Portland’s Impact Pact

Posted by Michael Castle

There’s a rumbling in my belly, and I’ve heard the same from many of you. This is how CEO Mark Holloway addressed SVP Portland’s Partnership in September of 2010, in an unusually pointed address about the future of their Affiliate. At the time, SVP Portland was on the cusp of its 10-year anniversary. It had come of age focusing its […] Read More »