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Meet SVPI’s new team!

Posted by sudha

SVP Global Community, At SVP International, we have been on a journey together. One of reflection. Of discovery. Of reinvention. In fall 2019, we began an internal restructuring process to better lean into what communities are asking of us as a global philanthropic network. The global pandemic and the racial and economic reckonings accelerated our […] Read More »

Call for nominations to join SVPI Board & Committees

Posted by bensvpi

Dear Network Friends and Partners, As your new Chair of SVP International, it gives me immense pleasure to invite nominations to join the SVPI Board of Directors and its committees for three-year terms starting January 2022. We are at a pivotal moment in our evolution as a network, and this is an excellent opportunity to be […] Read More »

Collective momentum in 2021: Network stories, and more

Posted by alexsvpi

We’re a year into this pandemic. I remember this time last year, as Seattle shut down and we faced so much uncertainty in our communities and in our daily lives. I’m reflecting on how this pandemic and the global racial and economic reckoning have radically altered the way we live, learn, work, give, and engage; […] Read More »

Meet the first round of Reimagine Fund grantees

Posted by alexsvpi

I am thrilled to introduce you to the first round of Reimagine Fund grantees – a phenomenal set of organizations leading transformational work in our communities to advance racial justice. Meet the Grantees! Our first iteration of the Reimagine Fund set out to make a statement given the urgent and renewed reckoning on systemic racism that began […] Read More »

Insider look: New possibilities for our network

Posted by alexsvpi

Over the past week, we’ve shared an insider look into our evolving Network strategy, how it came to be, and the early results from this collective work (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4). In our final chapter in this series, I want to turn our attention to the year ahead and explore how this strategic framework can open up exciting new […] Read More »

Insider look: How are we centering our values?

Posted by alexsvpi

“…the agency of movements emanates from within oppressed communities—from their institutions, culture and creativity.” – Aldon D. Morris Welcome to part 4 of our five part series with an insider look. (You can click here for parts 1, 2, and 3). Previously, I shared our evolving strategic direction and how it came to be. Next I want to talk […] Read More »

Insider look: Alignment for collective impact

Posted by alexsvpi

Earlier this week I shared Parts 1 and 2 of this email series. Today in part 3, let’s get into how we are shifting towards a collective strategy and some exciting early wins. During our many conversations with Affiliate leaders, we heard that the network strategy needs a path for the evolution of SVP – […] Read More »