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SVP International

We are SVP Arizona and we believe the venture philanthropy model enables progressively minded philanthropists looking to not only give, but to also directly engage with innovative and progressive nonprofit organizations, who work to catalyze significant long-term social change – right here in the Valley.

We are people in leadership roles and with recognized significant expertise in one or more domains who come from various sectors, industries and professions for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey – In a world where cash grants and donations are decreasing, we are also interested in making philanthropy more effective by working with a more innovative model.

In the process, we make new friends, and learn to apply this progressive approach to philanthropy and gain an informed, deeper understanding of  social issues, the nonprofit sector, and the organizations and people in that space who work full time to solve them. In turn, we understand how to become better philanthropists.

Better philanthropists. Better philanthropy. Better World.

We believe that nothing truly great is accomplished alone. Every person in our network has something to teach and something to learn.  And SVP provides a framework in which your potential and desires to be an change maker can be realized.

Do good, better!

Since affiliate inception, our Partners have:

  • Invested more than $4.3M in Arizona nonprofits and social causes
  • Enriched hundreds of local organizations through our proven model of engaged philanthropy
  • Contributed thousands of high-level volunteer hours to build capacity, impacting more than 55,000 people.
  • Created Fast Pitch, the leading social innovation challenge for nonprofits, in the greater-Phoenix area.