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Invest in Collaborative Solutions

To tackle the daunting challenges we face in our community, SVPAZ needs to step up our game. 

We need to do more than work with individual philanthropists and nonprofits. We need to be smarter, more connected, more aligned. That’s why we are investing in collaborative solutions. Here are a few examples.

  • In the last four years, SVP Arizona has worked to transform the culture of Camelback High School to one of academic achievement. Over $60,000 has been invested and used to create new clubs, a peer-to-peer tutoring program, and more much needed programming. Check out the full story.


  • Treasures 4 Teachers participated in SVP Arizona’s Fast Pitch and won the Mentor’s Choice award. This experience helped them provide much needed school supplies to over 2,500 educators. Read more.


  • Each year our SVP Arizona Fast Pitch has contributed $25,000 to 4 local nonprofits, an SVPAZ investment of up to $100,000, and over $140,000 donations the night of the event. In Phoenix, we combine a venture capital model with nonprofit organizations and create positive results in our desert community. Read more.