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Scott Turner – Co-Chair of the Board

Scott has been a SVPAZ Partner since 2010, and has served on the board for over 6 years, now serving as Co-Chair.

Scott leads Healthy Future US as its founding President & CEO.  Scott is a successful business entrepreneur who, after 30 years in business, is now giving back using his experience, skills, & resources as a full-time social entrepreneur. He credits his time as a SVPAZ Partner with helping prepare him for his work as social entrepreneur. Healthy Future US has been fiscally-sponsored by Arizona Community Foundation, and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Healthy Future US is playing a breakthrough role in reversing the obesity, diabetes & related chronic disease epidemics, & substantially reducing health costs. HFUS addresses the root causes of inactivity, unhealthy nutrition, etc. systemically & sustainably–scalably, effectively, affordably, & self-funding. It brings together an integrated combination of high collective impact plans & partners, policies, programs & payback/payment:  Starting by dramatically improving & expanding quality physical, nutrition & other health education, including increasing physical activity & healthy nutrition habits–among all K-12 students, state-by-state. Then following up with reinforcing adult policies & practices.

Healthy Future US co-led the successful drive to require that all K-5 students receive at least two recesses per school day (SB1083), which is increasing physical activity by 50% for over 250,000 Arizona children.  HFUS also led the successful rule-making campaign with the Arizona State Board of Education to agree to include physical, health, & arts education in the state’s A-F school accountability system.  HFUS has also been the national leader in developing a compelling ROI evidence base to support major sustainably “self-funding” health sector investments in preventive K-12 education.  Healthy Future US also identified and is promoting key components of a national-breakthrough UofA program, which helped dramatically improve child obesity & students’ health habits in 20 Title 1 Tucson schools.

Scott has worked as an executive in the educational services and information & communications technology sectors, and has also served as a consultant with Bain and independently.   He worked with large companies such as AT&T and Motorola, as well as a variety of small technology & education start-ups. Scott has raised over $15 million in venture financing for his startups, earning over 30x return on investment, including an IPO.

Scott has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He is fluent in three languages, and has a working knowledge of several others. He holds two patents.

Scott’s education includes a BA History magna cum laude from Amherst College, followed by a teaching fellowship in France administered under the Fulbright Program, and a MBA from Stanford. In recent years, Scott earned a MA Human Development and PhD Human and Organizational Systems. His dissertation is entitled: Transformative Learning for Long-term Behavior Change: Preventing Childhood Obesity and Improving Health through In-school Curriculum-based Nutrition and Exercise Programs.   Scott has been invited to present his research at multiple health- and education-oriented conferences, and he is using his research for public policy advocacy.

Scott is active in Arizona Health & Physical Education, Arizonans for Recess & School Wellness, and the Arizona Health Improvement Plan School Health Workgroup, and has been a member of Arizona Town Hall, AERA, ASHA, AzPHA, CIES, SHAPE America, & SOPHE.

Scott is married to Leslie, and they have three sons and two grandsons, and are active in church.  Scott enjoys the Bible, nature, hiking, travel, art, science, fly-fishing, and classical & world music.