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Bloom365 was established in 2006 as Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse, and now doing business as bloom365, we are a non-profit teen dating abuse prevention organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.


Prevent teen dating abuse BEFORE it starts. Preventing teen dating abuse before it starts will help to assure the prevention of domestic abuse and sexual violence later in life for this generation of youth and the next.


Healthy and safe relationships for all. We envision a nation where empathy, respect, equality, kindness, consent, safety and peace are the standard in every relationship, school, home and institution.


We believe that outreach, education and awareness are vital for reducing future victimization (secondary prevention) and supporting survivors after victimization (tertiary prevention). However, it is through peer to peer advocacy that we will prevent the root causes of abuse and violence BEFORE it begins (primary prevention). At the core of all that we do is the unshakable belief that root cause prevention is the cure to ending oppression, abuse and violence in our relationships, families, schools, communities and institutional systems.


Although our work with youth is hopeful, fun, inspiring and transformational, we look forward to the day when our services are no longer necessary.  The day we go out of business is the day when:

  • Women and children are safe at home.
  • LGBTQ individuals are safe where they live, work, play and visit.
  • Parents can send their kids to school without the worry of gun violence.
  • Students can learn and thrive at school without the threat of being bullied.
  • Campus rape and victim blaming are eradicated.
  • Perpetrators are held accountable and rehabilitated.
  • Equity and respect gain power over racism, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-semitism, ageism and heterosexism.
  • Abuse and violence are no longer tolerated, normalized or socially acceptable.
  • Empathy, respect, kindness, equality, consent, safety and peace are the standard.