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Camelback High School

At Camelback High School, they are A Unified Community Dedicated to Building Graduates Worth of the Spartan S.H.I.E.L.D. Each letter of the SHIELD represents a characteristic that they will help your child develop by the time s/he graduates from Camelback High School. The characteristics are described as follows:

Stewardship ~ Service, Philanthropy, and Commitment

Honor ~ Respect, Pride, and Honesty

Intelligence ~ Critical-thinking, Problem-solving, and College-readiness

Ethics ~ Morals, Values, and Ethics

Leadership ~ Resourcefulness, Citizenship, and Character

Discipline ~ Decision-making, Work Ethic, and Responsibility

Chad and Class

Dr. Quintin Boyce, Principal

In partnership with SVP volunteers, Camelback High School tackles projects like:

  • School Culture
  • Student Tutoring and Mentoring
  • Teacher/Staff Initiatives
  • Clubs and Sports