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SVP International

How You Fit In

What change do you want to see? What role will you play? Who will you share it with? 

Whether you are an individual hoping to realize the greatest impact with your giving, a nonprofit looking to take your work to the next level, a professional who wants to use your unique skills to solve a pressing social problem, or simply someone who has an idea to share – we want to hear from you.

We know there’s a lot to improve in our desert community and our world. We also know that there are people in the Valley with the ability and desire to make it better. We see it, and we call it potential.

SVP Arizona Partners can expect to:

  • Enjoy the diversity of personalities, talents and passions of other like-minded people in Phoenix
  • Learn about philanthropy through our committees and volunteer opportunities
  • Learn about the local nonprofit sector and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping strengthen it with your personal and our collective actions
  • Learn about the process of strategic grant making, as well as the breadth of nonprofits in our funding focus areas
  • Get the opportunity to utilize your life and corporate skills by working to enhance SVPAZ’s internal capacity
  • Work directly to make a difference with the SVPAZ investees
  • Expand the size of your social circle by getting to know a diverse group of philanthropists within SVPAZ
  • Connect with over 2,700 Partners worldwide through the SVP Network via conferences, projects, and the intranet