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Why is Fast Pitch unique and important?

Since the economic downturn created even greater financial pressures in the nonprofit sector, innovative nonprofit organizations have been using limited resources in creative and effective ways to deliver breakthrough social impact.

Additionally, while all nonprofit organizations seek financial support, most could also use non-financial resources such as idle capacity; donated goods; board members; strategic advice; executive coaching; legal, accounting, marketing, or logistics assistance to build their skills and capacity. Conversely, many in the business community would like to give more of their time and expertise, but don’t have a good outlet or haven’t been asked. Once engaged, they often become financial supporters as well.

The Fast Pitch bridges this gap not only by highlighting social innovations, but also by connecting and actively engaging members of the business community with nonprofits in a highly effective, programmatic manner. Members of the business community serve as coaches over a two-month period. Other business leaders, venture capitalists, and social investors are among the judges and audience members at the event. And nonprofits learn to tell their story and to engage the support of a diverse array of community members.

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