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What time commitment should I expect if I am chosen as a Semi Finalist?

  • Early December – Round Two Questionnaire, approximately 1 hour to complete (6 questions)
  • Early January – Social Meet & Greet Participants introduced to their Mentors, 2 hour evening event
  • Between January 15 and February 20 –
    • Orientation Workshop, 4 hours
    • Practice Sessions one, two and three, 4 hours each (12 hours total)

(you are only required to be there for your scheduled time, approximately one hour, however it is strongly advised to participate for the full time to work with your mentors and receive the full benefit of hearing the other presenters and the feedback they receive to help you with your own presentation and pitch)

  • Additional time spent working one on one with your Mentors, TBD by you
  • Early March – Dress Rehearsal, 1-2 hours
  • March 4, 2015 – Social Innovation Fast Pitch Event, 3 hours

(Booth set-up for pre show and post reception begins early in the day and can be assigned to your volunteers or nonprofit staff)

Approximate Total Time Estimated for Participation – 20-26 hours

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