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SVP International

What kind of training do the participants receive?

The training process is approximately two months long and culminates in the SVP Arizona Fast Pitch event. During this time, participants have access to valuable strategic advice from their mentors to help them strengthen their organizations elevator speech or “pitch”, and will have the opportunity to discover and build relationships with leaders of the business and funding communities who can help them achieve their goals.

There are three aspects to the training program:

  • Orientation Workshop: Semi-finalists will participate in a workshop to learn about the key elements of an effective story & pitch.
  • Practice Sessions: Semi-finalists practice their pitch in front of a group of volunteer mentors from the business community who will provide immediate feedback on their presentation.
  • Mentoring & Presentation Development: Semi-finalists will also be assigned to work with two volunteer mentors who will assist them in distilling the feedback and refining their presentation into a crisp three-minute pitch.

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