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SVP International

How does the program work?

Round One:

  • Applications will be accepted until October 31st.
  • All applications must be submitted online through Pitchburner.
  • The Selection Committee will review all submissions, and based on the submissions and possible fact‐checking or other follow‐up, will invite approximately 20 semi‐finalists to participate in the program.

Round Two:

  • The semi‐finalists will complete an additional questionnaire focused on SVP Arizona specific criteria for becoming an SVP Arizona Investee
  • Semi‐finalists will attend a presentation workshop and have approximately one week to prepare for the first coaching session.
  • Semi‐finalists will participate in three group coaching sessions and receive on‐on‐one mentoring. This process will help them to distill the key elements of their message into a three minute presentation Pitch
  • Semi-Finalist participants must attend a minimum of two of the group coaching sessions. Although attendance at all sessions in not required, it is highly recommended that participants attend all sessions as it may impact their ability to fully engage and present a high quality pitch.
  • The Selection Committee will select up to 10 finalists to present at the event and compete for grant awards.
  • The finalists will have a dress rehearsal before the event.

In 2012, 46 nonprofits submitted applications that met the eligibility criteria, 20 were selected for the program as semi-finalists, and 9 were selected as finalists to present at the event. We expect the number of applications will increase each year, and the number of finalists to remain fairly constant.

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