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a free two-month communication skills building program and competition for innovative nonprofits in Maricopa County. The premier nonprofit pitch program in the Valley, Fast Pitch equips nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and ASU students the skills to effectively communicate their story and connect them with business and community leaders who help them create significant impact.

SVPAZ sincerely thanks all of our Sponsors, Partners, Innovators, Mentors, and Volunteers who continue to make this inspiring evening possible!

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Congratulations! 2017 Fast Pitch winners:

  • $25,000 SVP Innovator Award awarded to Labor’s Community Service Agency and Stephen Sparks, who was chosen by a panel of Partners from the SVPAZ network for the innovation and repeatability of the SHIFT program. Stephen and LCSA also receive three years of SVPAZ Partner time and talent to support capacity building.
  • $10,000 Judge’s Choice Award awarded to Kelsey Pinckney, Program Coordinator at Read Better Be Better, who was chosen by the panel of community judges during the showcase event. Judge Jenny Poon, of Co+Hoots proudly announced the award, calling Kelsey a fellow nerd and book-loving sister.
  • $7,500 KIITA Award: In Inuit, KIITA means “Get up and Go!” This year, Jason Moore with Northbridge College Success Program compelled KIITA Foundation members to get up and give them money. In a surprise, on-the-spot announcement, Partner Amy Armstrong and Next Generation Partner Emily Armstrong donated an additional $2,500 to Ryan Lay with Skate After School.
  • $5,000 Jaburg Wilk “Making Tomorrow Better Today” Award went to Kelsey Pinckney, Program Coordinator at Read Better Be Better, for their work in literacy at the critical third grade level. This is the inaugural award for Jaburg Wilk and Partner Gary Jaburg shared his belief that education and literacy is the foundation of lifelong success, which influenced his selection of RBBB.
  • $2,500 ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Award was awarded to Melanie Isaacs of Pal Experiences for their work in accessibility for children and families with autism.
  • $2,500 People’s Choice Award: After the presenters con­cluded their pitches, the audience texted their votes for Shelia Iyengar of The Nagi Foundation. The Nagi Foundation works with children and animals – a winning combination – as noted by one of the judges last night.
  • $1,500 Don Keuth Mentor’s Choice Award went to Melanie Isaacs of Pal Experiences. She was selected by the 60+ mentors who participated in the program this year. The award is in honor of long-time Fast Pitch mentor and friend of SVPAZ, Don Keuth, who passed away in January.
  • $2,000 Student Innovator Award was awarded to Joshua Smith, an ASU student and CEO of Fortunes Financial. Fortune’s Financial is a software-based education tool that teaches college students how to manage their money.
  • $5,000 Social Enterprise Award was awarded to Jacob Hamman, co-founder of Zenjoi, a social enterprise tackling the quality of life for those inflicted by Alzheimer’s.

SVPAZ congratulates all 25 organizations who participated in the 2017 program.


  • Ready…Set…Pitch! Can you change the world in 180 seconds? Learn more about the program, whether your organization is eligible, and how you can apply to participate.


    Fast Pitch is not possible without the financial contributions of our generous sponsors, who are some of Arizona’s most forward-thinking corporations, foundations, and individuals.

    If you are interested in sponsoring this high-profile and high-impact event, please contact SVP Arizona’s staff, Terri Wogan or Lesley Miller

    Thank you to our SVP Fast Pitch Arizona sponsors! We couldn’t host such an inspiring event without your support!


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  • Become a Fast Pitch Mentor

    Social Venture Partners Arizona is looking for mentors to help innovative non-profits hone their mission and message into a three minute presentation for the Fast Pitch Social Innovation Expo!  Being part of a mentoring team is a great way to learn more about Arizona’s most innovative nonprofits and become a part of the “Fast Pitch” program.

    INTERESTED IN BEING a mentor or KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE? Please contact me by completing the form below.

    Role of the Mentor

    Two volunteer mentors will be assigned to mentor one presenter and will have the following responsibilities:

    1. During each Presentation Practice Session, provide on-the-spot feedback and      advice to each of the presenters.
    2. Between each Presentation Practice Session, provide advice and assistance to the assigned mentee to help them fine tune their three minute pitch.

    Mentors must commit to attend a Fundamentals Workshop, a Social Meet & Greet evening event, and four working sessions, one at the Arizona Community Foundation and three at ASU SkySong with their presenters.  The first session is a four hour “Orientation Workshop”  During the first two hours of this session, the presenters and mentors will be provided with orientation training. During the final two hours, mentors will be introduced to their respective presenters and begin their initial planning and work session. The next three are the “Presentation Practice Sessions”   Mentors will be scheduled to attend one hour of each of the three sessions.  The” Dress Rehearsal”, for up to ten selected, finalists will be held at the showcase venue.

    View full Schedule and additional information here:

    2016 Mentor Information & Schedule

    In summary, the total time commitment for the formal mentor training program is only 10 hours over the 2 month period.  Additional time mentoring your presenter will vary and can be scheduled at the most convenient times and locations for each individual involved. SVP Arizona will also be videotaping and posting each practice session for all presenters on a secure website.  This will facilitate access for all presenters and mentors to review progress and provide pitch and to expand the footprint of each non-profit organization.  We greatly appreciate your generous donation of time to make the Fast Pitch Social Innovation Expo the headline event for advancing creative solutions to social causes.

    Thank you for your support!

    SVP Arizona

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    • Attend! Join an audience of hundreds of others at the program’s culmination – a live Fast Pitch event.  Find out more.