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Introducing Our New Investee!

Posted by mwuycheck

Homeless Youth Connection  For over 20 years, SVP Arizona has been taking a venture capital approach to philanthropy – contributing more than $4.3 million dollars and 35,000 consultation hours for more than 100 nonprofits in our community. With the help of our Partnership of business and community leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and philanthropists, SVPAZ […] Read More »

Why Small Gifts Matter

Posted by mwuycheck

Why Small Gifts Matter How the Collective Pooling of Resources Makes a Greater Impact In our last blog, we busted the myth that “small gifts don’t matter,” along with several other myths about philanthropy. This time, we will delve deeper into why this particular myth is so erroneous. In practice, nonprofits are heavily reliant upon […] Read More »

5 Myths of US Philanthropy (& Their Busts!)

Posted by mwuycheck

It is crucial for nonprofits and other charitable organizations to understand the philanthropic environment they operate within, so as to maximize their own impact and revenue. However, there are several myths and misconceptions about US philanthropy that if upheld, can thwart an organization’s success. In its fall 2019 issue, the Stanford Social Innovation Review published […] Read More »

What is Venture Philanthropy?

Posted by mwuycheck

What is Venture Philanthropy? Taking a Venture Capital Approach to Achieve Philanthropic Goals Just as the for-profit economy has always developed innovations to meet its changing needs, so too is the nonprofit sector evolving. One such development that the nonprofit sector is adopting is ‘Venture Philanthropy,’ a practice that takes its name and principles from […] Read More »