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Meet the Reimagine Pilot Grantmaking Committee

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SVP International staff selected a grant committee of sector experts and experienced systems change leaders to score nominated affiliates and nominees against the grant criteria. SVPI is honored and thrilled to be working with this committee of talented and dedicated sector leaders:

Emiko Atherton, Executive Director, SVP Seattle

In addition to her work with SVP Partners and Nonprofit Partners in Seattle, Emiko has extensive experience leading nonprofit organizations, local and national policy work, applying racial equity analysis in practice, and supporting community solutions for transportation related issues. Emiko is a multi-sector expert and brings experience in systemic change and organizational development. Learn more about Emiko. 

Megan Carvajal, Director of Consulting Services, Mission Capital

In addition to overseeing the SVP program in Austin, Megan leads Mission Capital’s robust array of consulting services that deliver professional capacity building support and sector-wide research across central Texas in collaboration with national efforts. In addition to her broad sector perspective, Megan has worked with donors across the nonprofit landscape though much of her career. Megan, and Mission Capital also bring a deep understanding of community capacity building as well as research in how the philanthropic sector and nonprofit sector can better support leaders of color.  Learn more about Megan here. 

Michael Van Leesten, Director – Organization Development and Stakeholder Engagement, SVP Connecticut

After an accomplished career in the financial and insurance industries, Michael became a math teacher and eventually found his way into fundraising as part of his work in education. Michael — who first joined SVP as a Partner– is currently piloting a collaborative grantmaking process at SVP Connecticut, and working to expand their state-wide impact. Learn more about Michael here.

Marcus Walton, CEO, GEO (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations)

Marcus has years of experience developing and translating complex frameworks into action across the social sector. Marcus also has deep expertise in leading and participating in learning networks, and leading racial equity initiatives, and supporting organizations to adopt stronger racial equity frameworks. Marcus was previously at Borealis Philanthropy and brings that experience to this work as well. Learn more about Marcus here. 

John-Peter Wilhite, Director of Community Impact, SVP Tucson

As an artist, trained speaker and communications specialist, John-Peter has brought his cross-disciplinary talents to a career of nonprofit leadership, and donor engagement. John-Peter manages SVP Tucson’s Fast Pitch program and works to deepen and expand Partner engagement in community impact strategies. Learn more about John-Peter here. 

Athena Youm, Program Assistant, Raikes Foundation

Athena’s nonprofit background has focused on social justice and human rights. She currently works to support the Impact Driven Philanthropy Initiative (IDP), which mobilizes donors and donor organizers to identify and adopt transformative practices that move power and resources to the people and communities who are most directly connected to, and impacted by systems of injustice. Learn more about Athena here. 

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