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Affiliate Spotlight: $300K Challenge Grant in SVP Tucson!

Posted by yvonne

SVP Tucson has secured a $300,000 matching grant to grow partnership and take community work to the next level!

SVP Tucson secured a $300,000 challenge grant from a local family foundation. “This grant is designed to ignite the growth of our Partnership, expanding the financial and human capital necessary to take our work to the next level,” said Ciara Garcia, SVP Tucson CEO.

This fall SVP Tucson released a bold new vision for community change. After a year of evaluation, and meetings with community stakeholders, they have committed to building a robust and vibrant community of nonprofits that will create measurable 2-Generation (2-Gen) change. 2-Gen is an innovative approach that focuses on both parents and their children, so that together they may unleash their full potential.

In order to implement the new vision, SVP Tucson knew it needed more resources – money, partners and staff. The Tucson challenge grant is an opportunity to generate excitement about becoming a Partner. All new donations, and all increased donations (from existing partners) are matched by the grant over a two-year period, up to $300,000.  The campaign is off to a strong start since its November kick-off with more than $100,000 raised.

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  1. Liz Nolan

    Wow! Great innovation. Tackling the family unit is a promising approach. That is a challenge to all affiliates. Our community is very generous, maybe we can follow your path.
    I have two cousins who went to U of A, but neither stayed in Tucson.

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