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Our Role in Shaping Change

Posted by Sudha

November | 2019

Dear SVP Community,

We just finished up an energizing two day retreat with our international
Board of Directors, and several SVP staff leaders from around the network. Our conversations centered around the need for clarity of vision and direction given our history, renewing our network’s energy, and the urgent challenges of our time. Our global network of 3500 Partners across 42 affiliates has significant untapped potential for influencing urgent issues and changing systems; it’s time for SVP International to be the network hub that leverages that potential. 

We know that many of you have been hearing about the potential for change for some time – predating my starting with SVP. I’m also grateful to the many conversations I’ve had with Partners and staff around the Network to shape our thinking this year.

Here are two important points of clarity that came from the retreat:

  • SVP International is committed to network theory – we clarified that we exist as a network hub to lead and organize our stakeholders at the regional, national, and international level to influence philanthropic systems based on what our Affiliates are learning and doing in their local work
  • SVP International is committed to Affiliates taking the lead in their local Partner engagement and community impact, with a recognition that having common practices, principles, and learning focuses is necessary for a strong brand

Additionally, we clarified SVP International’s role in relation to the broader philanthropic and social change sector.

SVP International cultivates and expands a network that:

  • Catalyzes more resources towards cross sector and multi-community solutions and innovations for systems change
  • Demonstrates ways to disrupt philanthropy as usual for more proximity and accountability
  • Inspires and influences philanthropists to provide communities what they need most

At the affiliate level, SVPs are still moving resources towards solutions, educating donors for impact, and fostering innovation in philanthropy. But what is also here is clarity for SVP International’s role as a leader in the network to do additional work that aggregates our collective efforts to create greater impact and more just outcomes in the world.

Over the next many months, SVP International will begin to live into our aspirational role. We will co-create our next steps and build a more influential global network by talking through ideas with all of you, developing programs that orient us to this new direction, and getting feedback. We have a lot more to come, and we will be engaging with you by email, in person, and via webinars to shape our work together. I’m excited for what the future holds, and look forward to doing this work with you.


Sudha Nandagopal

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