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Posted by Sudha

July | 2019

Hello SVP Community –

I hope you are all having a nice July. Over here at SVPI we are continuing our transition – figuring out our staffing plan, thinking about and incorporating the lessons of the Summit, and determining next steps to continue building a strong learning community for all of us.

I am also thinking a lot about what SVP means in this moment. For those of you who were at the Summit, you heard me speak to the need for deeper relationship within and across communities to address the increasing complexity of our times. Frontline communities – often our investees – have much to offer and solutions to bring forward, yet, the systemic barriers in our global systems continue to get in the way of the urgent progress we need.

I don’t have all the answers on what our work together will look like in the future. I do know that collectively, we have the capacity to figure out how SVP can move forward into the next decade of our work with deeper relationships, more learning and innovation, and even more ability to create impact and address systemic change. I’m looking forward to learning together and discussing this with you in person or over email during the next several months.

While we’re contemplating these big questions, much of my focus in the coming months will be to strengthen SVPI as an organization, directing our resources in a way that provides high value impact for our network, clarifying our purpose and value for the global philanthropic community, and amplifying stories of innovation within the network while creating space for learning.

Towards my goal of continuing to learn from and about all of you –  I have three questions below that I’d love to hear your thoughts on. The questions are set up in SurveyMonkey to make it easier for us to review your response.

Please use this link to share your answers to one or all of these questions:

  1. Why does SVP matter in your community?

  2. In other communities, or in your career, what tools, technologies, event styles or resources have helped you in your learning and growth?

  3. What news or online sources (such as social media, key influencers, websites) do you rely on for information to learn and grow as a philanthropist and SVP partner?



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