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Hello From the Road!

Posted by Sudha

A Message from CEO Sudha Nandagopal
March | 2019

Dear SVP Partners,

I’m writing to you all from the “road” — I’m in Bengaluru, India as part of our SVP India Sustainable Livelihoods Conclave. The SVPI team is here learning from the great work happening through this collaboration of NGOs, Partners, and affiliates. What an incredibly vibrant network we have here in India. The energy is contagious!

It feels particularly meaningful to be here in India just a few weeks into my time as CEO of SVP International, as India has been so much a part of shaping my understanding of power, privilege, and the opportunities for bold, justice-oriented, social change movements. Though I grew up in Spokane, Washington, I spent summers here in Bengaluru. And it was those summers, and my experience as an immigrant kid in the US, that helped me see so many issues from an intersectional, global perspective.

It is with all of this in mind that I’ve been connecting with Partners in India, listening to the work going on, hearing about the frustrations and opportunities, and exploring how we can lean into conversations about systems change, equity, and strengthening communities. It has been quite the immersive learning experience.

Everything I’m hearing here, and what I’ve heard from other Partners around our network, reinforces that we have significant untapped potential as a global network. And, as a bit of a network nerd, I’m very excited to figure out how we grow the network and better connect our partnership to build towards a more just and equitable world.

Indeed, the questions emerging here in conversations are the ones I have heard in nearly every discussion I’ve had so far:

How are we connecting together to challenge our assumptions, learn, experiment, and innovate?

How do we use this global network to shift power back into communities?

How do we share power to change the system so that those most-affected can lead us forward on solutions?

What is our role in creating a more just world, and what do we need to acknowledge and unlearn to co-create and truly be partners on solutions?

I’m excited to strategize with many of you at our upcoming Global Summit in Vancouver, BC about ways in which SVP might amplify or catalyze practices in the network to address these questions. I feel confident that together we can bring renewed focus for SVP to be an even more vibrant, learning-oriented, relationship building, global network. In the coming months I look forward to conversations with you to examine what is and isn’t working about philanthropy and support our network to lean into risk and new ways of doing our work.

I hope you’re planning to be at the Summit to continue these conversations and look forward to meeting you in person.


Sudha Nandagopal, CEO
Social Venture Partners International

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