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The New Faces of Change

Posted by Tim Schottman

In September I introduced you to 9 exemplary individuals from across our network, each a demonstrated leader in the SVP Network and dedicated to growing its movement worldwide. Affiliate-wide voting closed on October 13, and I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce them again today, collectively and formally, as your new SVP International Board of Directors.

Patricia has been an SVP Tucson Partner since 2008. She served as board chair from 2014-2016, in which she led a strategic planning process and guided the affiliate in strengthening governance, and addressing membership stagnation and financial sustainability. She has also served in other roles, including on the Investment and Portfolio Review Committees, advisory team member to several Investees, and currently serves as Lead Partner and SVP Philanthropy Development Curriculum facilitator. She will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.

Jennie has been SVP Boulder’s Executive Director for the past 10 years, providing strong leadership and developing a growing affiliate known for “innovating with rigor”. Jennie has strong relationships throughout SVP and is a respected, trusted resource. SVP Staff and Partners call her “U.N. Jennie” for her ability to challenge, advocate and facilitate in an inclusive, mutual and uplifting manner. She will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.

Bill is the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) Board Chair, serving his 3rd year as Chair and 4th year as a board member. He leads the Executive Committee and serves on the Finance and Grantmaking Committees. Bill sees his biggest contribution at SV2 being development and execution of a strategic plan. It was executed over 3 years, doubling revenue, increasing partnership size, innovating with Lightening grants, impact investing, linking to other funders beyond partners, and more. He will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.


Mike is the current board chair of SVP Seattle, where he has a great opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills leading the 500-Partner affiliate forward during a period of CEO transition. Mike is a leader at SVP Seattle — and the network — in financial management best practices, leading the Finance Community of Practice. In his eight years as an SVP Partner he has served on the Grant Committee, and PGC (refunding) Committee. He will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.


David started with SVP Boston in 2013 and quickly filled a number of roles: Lead Partner, Chair of the Investment Committee, Board Member and, now, current Board Chair (2017). David brings a blend of analysis, creativity and fun to his work at SVP Boston, and seeks to help the affiliate reach its next level of impact. He will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.


Sandy joined SVP Cincinnati in 2011 and served as Board Chair from 2014-2016, leading the affiliate through a very successful growth strategy and implementation: 39 to 62 partners in one year. Sandy has also filled roles as Co-Lead Partner, Investee Relations Committee Leader and SVPI Network Liaison, as well as contributed to SVPI Strategic Planning, Membership and Education, and Innovation Committees. She will be new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.


As a first-term SVP International Board member Mario was key in establishing our first SVP Affiliate in Latin America (Sao Paulo, Brazil). He is currently based in Mexico City, where he and his wife, Betsy, are considering starting a new SVP. As an SVP Seattle Partner, Mario is actively engaged and served on an early childhood grant committee. Mario will begin his second term on the SVPI Board in January 2018.


John is an SVP Dallas Partner and past Board Chair. In addition, John served as co-chair of the first bigBANG!, Dallas’s signature event that convenes a community of leaders who want to catalyze positive impact. He co-leads SVP Dallas Advisee Projects to design, select and implement learning management systems for First 3 Years and Ignite! Texas, and has been a passionate advocate for community and faith-based outreach in Dallas. John has been a key SVPI Board member, both on the Governance Committee and by leading a revenue enhancement initiative. John has been asked to serve an exceptional third term, based on his stepping into the Development Committee Chair role for the next year. John has had an immediate impact as an organizing catalyst for Development! John will begin his third term on the SVPI Board in January 2018.


Tim Schottman, SVP International’s CEO

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