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AMPED! Turns 1: The A-List

Posted by Michael Castle

Really? A ‘Greatest Hits’ Piece?

I hate to disappoint you, but this isn’t the late-season episode that lets your favorite actors go on vacation. Debuting just over a year ago, AMPED! arrived in your inboxes as a completely reimagined global staff newsletter: brighter, faster, prettier and cheekier — and with a serious case of the wiggles! (I still hear from folks discovering for the first time that every issue “dances” when opened in a browser.)

The reception? AMPED! became the most-opened, most-clicked and shared online staff publication in SVPI history. In the words of one early admirer, “I got amped from first glance to final scroll. Whoop! Whoop!”

What you’ll find here are the hits chosen by YOU, the get-it-done-at-all-costs-because-the-community-never-sleeps Amplifiers that bring SVP communities to life across the globe. These are the pieces that got you click-happy and chatty, downloading and creating, to make the world better that it was yesterday and the day before.

But #1 isn’t everything, right? You’ll also find the runners up here: yet more stories that deepen our understanding of what it means to take our SVP movement to the next level.

So scroll and be happy — and see if you can guess the blue-ribbon winner by the time you reach the end!

From AMPED! 1-1  |  November 2016

Recruiting with Style


Inspiring recruitment collateral and templates from around the network — and why they work! During the 2016 SVP Global Conference in Los Angeles, we collected these elegant, innovative design solutions from SVP Vancouver, Seattle, China and SV2. Read it >

Runner Up: SVP San Antonio’s Priscilla Hill-Ardoin and her “Can’t Not Do”. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-2  |  January 2017

No Ceilings: SVP Cleveland’s Donor Model

In 2012, SVP Cleveland did away with the $2,500 and $5,000 giving levels. Total partner contributions have since grown by 71 percent. Their demographics have expanded, and their overall partnership is thriving. Read it >

Runner Up: The Anti-Retirement. In this video featuring SVP Portland’s Larry Fox, he talks about his SVP journey. Among the highlights is a very unlikely beginning: “I didn’t have a philanthropic bone in my body.” Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-3  |  March 2017

SVP Denver’s Teeny Weeny Brochureeny

This was among a number of pieces shared by ED Pat Landrum, most of which were made for Denver’s annual celebration, The Art of Philanthropy. A rarity in nonprofit collateral, the Brochureeny not only works, but delights. Learn the more about why it works and get the updated template. Read It >

Runner Up: Transforming Membership Culture at SVP Boulder County. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-4  |  April 2017

Better Teams, Deeper Impact

Close community is essential to the SVP experience, and we carry that into our daily operations. When we hire new leadership, we go as far as searching for people who consider ‘cultivating relationships’ part of their DNA. SV2 shares how they used this tool to build a stronger team based on how they interact with each other. Read it >

Runner Up: Network Data Dive: how Network data helps to fuels your Affiliate’s work and convey the reach of the SVP movement. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-5  |  June 2017

SVP Philanthropy Curriculum Released! 

Philanthropy development is the core of SVP’s mission. Now, through our Philanthropy Curriculum project, we are sharing our most effective methodologies centered around experiential learning, working to significantly increase partners’ competencies as strategic volunteers and philanthropic leaders. Learn more. >

Runner Up: The release of the 2016 SVP Capacity-Building Outcomes Report. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-6  |  August 2017

2018 SVP Global Summit

Join us next spring in the heart of Chicago for SVPI’s next global summit! Expand your knowledge, contribute your expertise, connect with and grow the world’s largest engaged philanthropic network. Save the Date >

Runner Up: Network Data Served Hot — the 2016 Network Data Report and a new network summary graphic for download. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-7  |  September 2017

Boost Your Board!

When BoardSource approached SVPI about an organizational membership, the relationship made perfect sense. Tools and resources for all, including hundreds of topic papers. Read it >

Runner Up: The SVP Network Now — Animated. Use this snazzy looped graphic with up-to-date data in your next affiliate communication. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

From AMPED! 1-8  |  October 2017

Like Lightning!

Find — and be struck by — the power of your inner nerd with SVPI’s Senior Program Manager, Emily Reitman. She’ll explain how this simple Salesforce app for Outlook and Gmail can instantly light your way. Read it >

Runner Up: SVP & Giving Compass, a powerful new tool, a powerful new relationship. Read it >

Read it the full issue >

And the winner is…



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