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The Network Now — Animated

Posted by Michael Castle

SVP is all about S T R E T C H: ever moving, ever growing, ever evolving to become the most impactful network on the planet. Why shouldn’t your SVP collateral be the same?

Quickly show potential SVP Partners and others the latest network numbers with the looped animation seen above, ready for use on your website or social platforms. Download it now from the SVPI Resource Center.

Don’t need to get wiggly? I understand! Grab a static version of this new graphic in the SVPI Resource Center. You can also spruce up your brochures, docs, slides, websites and more with selections from the most recent SVP Philanthropy Development Outcomes Report.

And stay tuned, Network — I’ll be sharing more dancing data from our 2016 Network Data Report in the weeks and months to come!

Michael Castle is SVP International’s Communications & Design Manager.

Reach out at michael@svpi.org.


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