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Boost Your Board! SVP + BoardSource

Posted by Sarabeth Zemel

When BoardSource approached SVPI about an organizational membership, the relationship made perfect sense. BoardSource is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership and governance, and the organization supports, trains, and educates nonprofit leaders from across the country and throughout the globe. SVP Affiliates tackle leadership and governance issues as nonprofits themselves, as well as in the capacity building work that partners take on helping to strengthen nonprofits in their communities.

Benefits of the Membership

The BoardSource membership gives all SVP Board Members, Partners and staff access to:

SVP Partners and staff can sign up for an account through BoardSource here to access all these benefits.

We’re excited to offer this membership and hope you’ll find it useful in your work. We’ve already heard enthusiastic feedback from SVP Executive Directors about the great benefits this membership offers. Another governance-related resource SVPI offers affiliates is the Board Leadership Forum, an affinity group for SVP Board Leaders across the network to connect, share knowledge and problem-solve together. The BLF will meet virtually later this fall, so watch for an announcement soon that you can pass on to your board members!

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