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SVP’s How | Our Unique Value Proposition

Posted by Tim Schottman

SVP celebrates innovation, and a number number of our affiliates have shown us what focusing on unique strengths can accomplish: Cleveland’s engaged Partnership, Boston’s strides in nonprofit capacity building, India and Portland’s bold, concentrated work in community impact, to name just a few. But even these highly effective affiliates know that there is always room for improvement — focusing only partner engagement, capacity building or community impact limits their overall value to the Partners and their community. SVP’s unique value proposition is strongest when it includes all three components:

  • Connect and Develop Partners: Fosters a community of effective philanthropists by learning through shared experiences.
  • Fund and Strengthen Nonprofits: Leverages the talents of our Partners and brings critical support to our investees.
  • Community Impact: Gives us clarity about what problem we are looking to solve and define what success looks like. Additionally, it encourages us to innovate and expand our toolkit to achieve that community impact through collaboration, partnerships, advocacy, impact investing, leadership cohorts, community investing, etc.

Every SVP emphasizes one of the three areas over the others to fit the needs of their Partners and community, but integrating all three areas into your value proposition has the potential to clarify and align your purpose, inspire and attract new partners, and make your Whys a reality.

Do you think these three areas all apply to your SVP? How would you strengthen your SVP’s value to the Partners and your community?

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