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Our Report Card Is In

Posted by seattle

Every other year, SVP Investees are invited to evaluate SVP through a confidential survey. In 2016, 73 organizations completed the survey with 96% describing their experience with SVP as excellent or good. “The best thing that has happened to me and the organization,” writes one survey participant.

In particular, the survey highlights the benefits and multiplier effects of engaged philanthropy.

“Our lead partners continue to financially invest in our organization, attend board meetings and lend their brilliant ideas to strategy and planning sessions,” writes one participant. “Recently, one opened the door to invaluable pro bono legal assistance to file our trademarks, draft licensing agreements, etc. Our other [lead partner] successfully rallied friends and family to support our very first tax credit drive. Both continue to be our biggest champions.”

Last year, the 15 SVP affiliates represented in the survey provided $1.9 million in grants to their investees, an amount that was more than doubled by skilled volunteer time and new cash contributions from individual partners, plus cash and in-kind contributions from their referrals.

The final value delivered to these investees was reported at $5.1 million.

Read the full the full report >>

Gear Up for Our Partner Survey!

Measuring our impact is only possible with the generous participation of our SVP affiliates – thank you to all the staff who sent out the investee survey last year! In 2017, we will measure our partner impact: whether they are giving more, giving more strategically, and are more involved in the community.

With your help we can collect compelling data that will help us improve our programs and communicate our impact. (See our 2015 Philanthropy Outcomes Report.)

If you’ve never administered the partner survey before, or you’re looking for a refresher, we’re hosting a webinar on July 7th at 9 am PT to orient or re-orient you to the process! If you’re an old pro, you can visit the Resource Center to access all 2017 Philanthropy Development Outcomes resources here:

Thank you in advance for your help!

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