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Keeping Your Webpages Fresh by Nerding Out On Shortcode

Posted by seattle

Web content can be a bit like a buttery croissant. It goes stale fast. And unfortunately, updating your website is not nearly as tempting as a tasty pastry. So here’s a handy tool to make it easier: shortcode!

Shortcode can be used to pull dynamic content (blog posts, new partner bios, volunteer opportunities – the stuff you’re ALREADY updating regularly) onto static webpages with just a few easy steps.  

Beyond freshness, peppering dynamic content — can you stand any more food metaphors? — throughout your site also provides your audiences with additional ways to engage while making the most of the content you produce.

For instance, say a visitor comes to your website looking for a staff phone number (staff lists are among the most commonly visited pages). Then, on the staff bio page they stumble on a story or a thought-piece written by that staff member and stick around to learn more. Or, say a partner or prospective partner is curious about the nonprofits you support. While browsing the investee profiles they find a volunteer opportunity that interests them and sign up.

Wondering what this looks like? See the screencast below for a quick tour. (See full screen version.)

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

So, You Said This Was Easy. How Do I Do It?

All you need are three basic ingredients: dynamic content, a system of categorizing/tagging that content and the right shortcode. Here are a few tutorials, followed by some basic shortcode you can copy and paste onto your own website. (See full screen version.)

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[svp-list id=”svp_news … Huh?  

If you’re like me and find it difficult to remember all the rules around writing shortcode, no worries! A simple copy and paste job with some tweaks should do the trick. In this Word document you’ll find a selection of shortcodes that were referenced in the screencast above, plus a few more.

Want More Nerdy Details?

Check out the shortcode section of our website admin guide on SVP Connect. You will need your SVP Connect username and password to log in. If you need help, please contact Emily Reitman (emily@svpi.org)


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