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Hotdiggity, 20 New Staff around the World!

Posted by Cecilia Garza

Assuming you’ve come across your own website recently, you probably don’t need an update on our growth. But since my elevator speech is on point: There are now more than 3,200 SVP Partners in 40 cities — and counting — across the globe. Collectively that means we have been able to invest more than $63 million and thousands of skilled volunteer hours in some pretty awesome organizations.

This past year has been extra special for us though. And I’m not saying that because I work at the SVPI/Seattle offices and staff size, programs and funding are looking damn promising this year. I’m saying that because our office isn’t the only one that’s bringing new blood on board. And, for that matter, I’m probably not alone in saying that 2017 will be a ride.

In the past six months, at least 20 new staff members have joined the network, from communications managers to altogether new EDs starting new affiliates! Hotdiggity, that’s bonafidedly fabulous! (<<Okay, I don’t even know what that means. It’s noise, people. I’m making happy noise!)

For the past 15 years, we’ve been a network of many one-woman-, one-man-, one-person-bands. I mean, hell, let’s be honest. Those aforementioned stunning digits are straight-up in no small way due to all the solo EDs in our network. Which makes this news even more exciting. Some of our teams are growing in size. Some are revitalizing existing positions. And others are joining the fleet of solo staffers on the trek to bringing SVP to their community. I’ll skip all the resulting buzzwords that come with these changes and go right to a solid cheers to smoother running operations!

Welcome SVP Newbs!

Xingyana Li 250x250  Hongyi Zhang 250x250
Xingyana Li

Program Officer, SVP Beijing

Hongyi Zhang

Communications Officer, SVP Beijing

McCarthy-Headshot  Audrey-Moller-jpeg
Emma McCarthy

Program Manager, SVP Boston

Audrey Moller

Administrative Assistant, SVP Boulder

Maggie Deininger

Program Assistant, SVP Cleveland

Sean Caho

Communications Director, SVP Dallas

 2016 SVPi Conference  2016 SVPi Conference
Jason Hirschton

Chief Executive Officer, Full Circle Fund

Fernande Legros

Program Officer, Full Circle Fund

 Kathleen Lam  Meghan
Kathleen Lam

Director of Operations, Full Circle Fund

Meghan Leatherman

Communications Manager, SVP Arizona

 Kaeti  Harriet-Linked-In-Photo
Kaeti Namba

Marketing & Events Manager, SVP Portland

Harriet Helmle

Executive Director, SVP San Antonio

 KaitlynSturgis-Jensen-e1474304720872  andy_pic1
Kaitlyn Sturgis-Jensen

Communications & Office Assistant, SVP San Diego

Andy Valdez-Pape

Outreach & Office Coordinator, SVP Seattle

 Tanya-Anderson-Vertical  Devorah
Tanya Anderson

Finance & Operations Director, SVP Seattle

Devorah Kermisch

Executive Director, SVP Tampa Bay

Dara-Parker  Dempsey_webshot
Dara Parker

Executive Director, SVP Vancouver

Dempsey Watson

Operations Manager, SVP Vancouver

Sarah Perry logo
Sarah Perry

Chief Development Officer, SVPI

Kyle LaVelle

SVP Saint Louis
(Photo coming soon!)

Kanupriya Agarwal

General Manager, SVP Delhi
(Photo coming soon!)

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