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Letters of Interest for our 2018 grant are now closed.

Please check back later in the year for details on our 2019 grant.


Social Venture Partners is looking for charities that want to try something different.

Successful applicants to our grants are willing to be open, honest and to collaborate. Most of all, they’re ready to take their vital work to the next level.


What We Bring To The Table

Up to three years of unrestricted funding. You know how the money is best invested, so we won’t ask how it’s spent.

Our Partners. Skilled volunteers who provide hands-on support in areas that are holding you back.

Tools to assess your organizational capacity. We’ll help you identify your organization’s strengths and potential for growth.

A commitment to working in partnership. We get that there’s a power dynamic in funding relationships. We will do our best to mitigate that. We will invite your honest feedback, own our mistakes, and strive to find a path that works for everyone involved.


What We Will Ask of You

A willingness to share openly what’s holding your organization back. Once the cards are on the table, we can get to work – together.

Flexibility and openness to working with our SVP Partners who have busy schedules and varied professional backgrounds.

A commitment to calling us out when something’s not working for you. It may be uncomfortable, but our best results come from honest relationships.

An annual work plan and progress report that outlines the capacity building areas you are focused on, how they relate to your mission, and what you have achieved at the end of each year.

We’re not going to lie – we ask a lot of our Investees, and we know we’re not perfect. But we believe it’s worth all the effort.


Interested? Click “How to Apply” above!

Letters of Interest for our 2018 grant are now closed.

Please check back later in the year for details on our 2019 grant.


#1 Determine Your Eligibility


  • Full time paid Executive Director
  • Registered Charity
  • Majority of programs serve Waterloo Region
  • Head office located in Waterloo Region

What we’re looking for in an Investee:

  • Ready and willing to change and grow. Ability to articulate where ythey want to go and how to get there, with the support of a strong Board-Executive Director relationship
  • Commitment to organizational capacity. Can demonstrate how they have built capacity in the past, and identify how they will continue to do so
  • Demonstrated time and resources to work with us
  • Committed to furthering the community agenda of belonging. Works through a lens of belonging as it relates to Waterloo Region’s Vital Signs Priority Report. See also The Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation’s Belonging Report

#2 Check the Dates

SVP has one grant cycle each year. A Call for Letters of Interest is issued each December.

2018 Application Deadline jpeg


#3 Submit a Letter of Interest

Please note that all applicants must meet with Social Venture Partner’s Executive Director before submitting a Letter of Interest. 

Letters of Interst are assessed on the basis of:

  • Organizational Leadership, Vision and Capacity
  • Potential for Impact
  • Model and Programming
  • Social Venture Partners Engagement Potential

For details see our Letter of Interest Information Package(click here).

Letters will be reviewed by Social Venture Partners’ Investment Committee and full proposals will be invited from short-listed organizations. All applicants will be notified of the status of their Letter of Interest.


#4 Submit a Full Proposal

Short-listed organizations are invited to submit full proposals. Proposals are evaluated using similar criteria as outlined for the Letters of Interest.


#5 Finalist Pitches

Finalists are invited to present to our Investment Committee.

This allows them to get to know your organization’s leadership and to ask any questions they might have. It also gives you a chance to ask questions of SVP.


#6 Receive your grant!

SVP’s Investment Committees select one investee each year.

Based on successful annual reviews, grants will be renewed for the next two consecutive years.

Please note that an important part of our process is an Organizational Capacity Assessment which takes place once an Investee has been selected.


For more information or to set an appointment with Social Venture Partners’ Executive Director, please email Rose Greensides at rose@svpwr.org