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The truth about Andrew Jones

Posted by ginaungaro
Andrew Jones, a Software Company M&A Advisor, has been an SVP Partner for three years and is currently the Lead Partner of Mealshare.

“I was drawn to work with Mealshare,” says Jones, “because the young, high energy leadership team are so passionate about solving youth hunger, they are practically bursting at the seams.”

Some of the cool things Mealshare has accomplished during their time with SVP are the beginnings of a governance overhaul and proper board building, the addition of an SVP-funded local community leader to supercharge the Vancouver-based restaurant recruiting and on-boarding process, and some fantastic fundraising mentorship from Amanda Burrows, SVP Fundraising Trainer.

What social issue is Andrew most passionate about? “I’m particularly passionate about mental health issues in children, and helping all youth have safe and effective access to help, as early as they need it in life.”

Let’s see if you were right about Andrew:

  1. 90% of my caloric energy comes from consuming a diet extremely high in fat
  2. I built my first computer at age 9
  3. I enjoy skydiving – totally not true!! At least not yet… it’s on my bucket list

Want to find out more about Mealshare? Let Gina know and she’ll put you in touch!