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Posted by ginaungaro

An update on SVP Vancouver’s fundraising shared service

SVP Vancouver is reaping the rewards of hiring Amanda Burrows to pilot our fundraising shared services project. With 10+ years’ experience, this rock star fundraising expert clearly demonstrates an incredible aptitude for understanding and executing on current philanthropy, and we’re seeing her dedication to delivering her leading-edge services to our Investees.

Since February 2017 Amanda has worked with seven of SVP’s 13 Investees, including Fresh Roots, Red Fox, Zero Ceiling, and Mealshare – plus intermittent consultations with Growing Chefs!, Social Diversity for Children, and Mom2Mom – and hopes to work with the remaining six at some point by the end of this year.ChrisWrightson quote for fundraiser story_resize

The Investees who have signed up for Amanda’s services enjoy unlimited access to her expertise. She provides consultations, in-person support for donor asks, and educational workshops to enhance Investees’ fundraising knowledge.

A total of 26 people (Investees, support staff and Lead Partners), have benefited from three in-depth workshops Amanda designed to educate and empower with information and tools to take fundraising to the next level. The workshops focused on Fund Strategy, The Donor Cycle, and Corporate Engagement and empowered Investees to build their strategy around attainable goals, cultivate relationships with their donors, and identify assets for corporate sponsorship/fit.Nicole Geyer quote for fundraiser story

We asked Amanda what’s it like to work with eight plus non-profits, each in varying degrees of organizational capacity and growth.

“The participating Investees are engaged and eager to maximize this opportunity to grow their fundraising skills and revenues,” says Amanda. “They are exhibiting a respect for the fundraising process that is truly exciting and essential in laying the foundation for capacity building. I look forward to building on the momentum of these early days and to supporting these Investees to reach their fund development potential.”

SVP’s innovative investment in the fundraising shared service pilot project is not lost on our Investees. “A striking observation I’ve made is the deep appreciation they (Investees) have towards the Partners’ generosity and innovation for providing them this low barrier opportunity,” says Burrows, “and they are not taking this for granted!”

So, what’s next?

Amanda’s got some exciting opportunities to engage Investees and Partners that will take your philanthropic knowledge to the next level. The fundraising landscape is more exciting than you know, and full of possibility! Check these out and be sure to sign up when they’re posted…

Spring, Summer and Fall Workshops:
  • Corporate Engagement –constituents and target audiences and how to approach these relationships
  • Case for Support – A look at communications through a fundraising lens
  • Solicitation September – Prepare for the most generous time of year!
Fundraising Fridays “Breakfast + Best Practices” (for Investees and Partners):
  • Monthly Donors
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Crowdfunding
  • Writing to Raise $

More good stuff…