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SVP honours David Sutcliffe with Distinguished Partner Award

Posted by ginaungaro

SVP Vancouver occasionally recognizes a Distinguished Partner among our network. To date, we have only ever recognized four distinguished Partners: Norm Francis, Ken Spencer, Judy Gale, and Nick Bedford.

A Distinguished Partner must meet the following criteria:

    • Providing active service as a Partner over a continuous period of at least ten years
    • That service must go beyond simply holding an office or offices
    • That service is exceptional in nature, contributing in an identifiable way to significantly advancing the long term goals of the Foundation
    • And nominees cannot be a director at the time of, or have been a director in the year prior to, their nomination

We’re incredibly pleased to recognize David Sutcliffe as our newest Distinguished Partner. David was a founding Partner of SVP Vancouver and was the founding Chair of the Board from 2001 to 2005. David guided the Board and partnership through the early development phase, which involved defining and formalizing our foundation, and defining our philanthropic model. He played a key role in hiring our first Executive Director, and in the creation and funding of our pioneering efforts with three Social Enterprise Funds.

In 2012 SVP Vancouver was experiencing new challenges. Membership in the era after the 2008 financial crisis had eroded. Leadership was lacking and enthusiasm in the partnership was low. There was almost no new granting activity. Several long-term Partners approached David and asked if he would agree to a second term as Chair of the Board, with the objective being to reset and rejuvenate SVP Vancouver.

And the rest is history. The vibrancy of the partnership today is a tribute to David’s leadership of the Board through those challenging times, and David has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities that have made a lasting impact on SVP Vancouver.

Thank you David, and congratulations!