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It starts with one person. One person joins many people. Together we help strengthen our communities and contribute to a better world.

Social Venture Partners is an international network of engaged philanthropists who invest time, money and professional expertise in local non-profits. Through our model of Venture Philanthropy, we seek to effect significant, long-term positive social change in our community.



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    Are you serious about creating social change? Do you have questions about how we can really help children and youth at risk? Are you ready to dive into some serious dialogue with experts in non-profit impact? Then these sessions are for you! Read More »

    Eric Cormier, a Contract CFO for early stage tech companies, has been an SVP Partner for 5 years, and is currently the Lead Partner of Fresh Roots. Read More »

    Andrew Jones, a Software Company M&A Advisor, has been an SVP Partner for three years and is currently the Lead Partner of Mealshare. Read More »

    SVP Vancouver pleased to announce David Sutcliffe recognized as newest Distinguished Partner. Read More »

    SVP Vancouver is reaping the rewards of hiring Amanda Burrows to pilot our fundraising shared services project. With 10+ years’ experience, this rock star fundraising expert clearly demonstrates an incredible aptitude for understanding and executing on current philanthropy. Read More »

    SVP Vancouver publishes a weekly Snapshot that captures interesting news and updates, events, and volunteer opportunities. Read More »

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