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New SVP Funding Focus: “Pathways Out of Poverty”

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At SVP, we know that investing time and money into increasing an organization’s capacity builds stronger programs that serve more people. We have worked with many diverse nonprofits, from SARSEF to Old Pueblo Community Services to Literacy Connects. However, recently, SVP has taken to heart that poverty lies at the center of many of the most pressing issues facing our community. Poverty not only creates an immediate, present hardship that children and families must endure, but also has demonstrated negative long-term effects on educational attainment, physical health and mental well-being, setting in motion a cycle of poverty that perpetuates from one generation to the next.

Tucson rates consistently among the poorest in the United States, with one in four households living under the poverty line. This ranks significantly below comparable cities in the Southwest, such as Albuquerque, El Paso, and Denver. Using our proven venture philanthropy model (time + money), we are refining the focus of our multi-year capacity building grants to strengthen nonprofit organizations that are working to provide Pathways out of Poverty for Children, Youth and Families. We aim to break intergenerational cycles of poverty and provide all of Tucson’s young people with the opportunity to realize their full potential.


Through our Capacity Building Grant, we seek to partner with Tucson-based nonprofits that are committed to creating positive change for youth and families, providing the tools to develop Pathways out of Poverty. Examples include organizations working in one or more of the following areas:

Educational Attainment:

  • Close the achievement gap by keeping students in school, helping them graduate, preparing them for post-secondary education/training, supporting college access/retention
  • Help students meet or exceed on-grade academic indicators (3rd grade reading, 4th grade math, 8th grade science, STEAM curriculum, etc.)
  • Increase access to quality early learning and childcare programs

Family Stability:

  • Build supportive parent and child interactions that create positive relationships
  • Increase skills training, education, and career guidance for individuals with families, allowing them to earn a livable wage
  • Provide tools and opportunities for families to build their savings and assets

Youth Resiliency:

  • Provide positive role models and mentors to at-risk youth
  • Help young adults develop the habits, skills, and self-efficacy required for meaningful employment
  • Promote positive engagement in the community, or meaningful enrichment activities to at-risk youth

If your work does not fit into one of these categories, yet addresses timely and critical barriers to children, youth and family success, consider applying. We are interested in new approaches.

For more information on the Capacity Building Grant & the application please click HERE

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