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Our 2017 Selection Process is the Fast Pitch. Go to the Fast Pitch tab on this website to learn more information and see how to apply.

What is SVP Looking for in a Funding Relationship?

SVP is interested in organizations that have moved beyond the initial ‘start-up’ phase and are ready for next-stage growth and development.

We are looking for a funding partnership with your staff and board leadership. Matching the time and business skills of SVP partners with your needs, we want to work with you to build your organization’s capacity and strength.

What We Bring to the Table

  • General operating support – up to $15,000 in the first year,  with the goal of up to three years of involvement. We know you’re best positioned to decide where the money should be invested.
  • Tools to assess your organizational capacity –and learn your challenges and opportunities in those behind the scenes systems: human resources, financial management, communications, board governance, etc.
  • Skilled SVP partners who will help build your organization’s capacity in the areas that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • A commitment to working in partnership

What We’ll Ask of You

  • A willingness to take a hard look at what’s holding your organization back, and to share those challenges openly. Once the cards are on the table, we can get to work – together.
  • Staff time and energy to work together with us to achieve the goals we set together.
  • A commitment to open communications. An honest dialogue about progress of the partnership will provide the best results.
  • An annual work plan and progress report that outlines the capacity building areas you are focused on, how they relate to your mission, and what you have achieved at the end of each year.


SVPTB has selected Youth at Risk for our investment focus in 2015, 2016, and the first half of 2017.

Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay has selected Youth at Risk as its investment focus for 2016 and 2017. Youth at Risk may be defined as children or adolescents who are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood.

Many studies have shown that Florida has a high percentage of vulnerable youth who are not prepared for adulthood and that appropriate interventions are necessary to ensure a positive outcome for the child.

A successful transition into adulthood would include the ability to complete high school and pursue additional educational, vocational, or career opportunities; develop independent living and social skills; exhibit positive moral behavior; remain free from crime; as well as the ability to maintain healthy relationships. Those who succeed in making the transition, have options for building a positive adult life including earning income, caring for and supporting their children and families, community service and stewardship, and in general, being productive members of the community.

Vulnerable youth may be “at-risk” for a myriad of reasons including: poverty; lack of basic skills in math and reading; exposure to criminal behavior; involvement in the child welfare or foster care system; being victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or bullying; being homeless; and suffering from mental illness or drug addiction. Youth at Risk often exhibit   behavioral problems at school, home or in the community; poor academic performance; delinquent behavior; self-harming behavior; and a pattern of poor lifestyle choices.

The description below summarizes our selection process and goals in 2016 and this information is provided to amplify the SVP thinking for working with nonprofits. Our 2017 Selection Process will be through the Fast Pitch.

For 2016 we sought leaders of agencies in Hillsborough or Pinellas counties who are registered 501(c)(3) organizations and are operating programs that address our focus areas (above) and who meet these criteria for what we call  “The SVP fit:”

  • budget size of approximately $300K to approximately $3 million,
  • programming has been in place for at least 3 years and has shown compelling evidence of outcomes & impact (for example, research-­‐based program models or a commitment to collecting data that drives program improvements & demonstrates results),
  • practices reflecting the culture of a learning organization (e.g., a culture that values assessment, strategic planning, outcomes measurement & utilizing data to drive performance),
  • a commitment to discipline, transparency, accountability, flexibility & results,
  • stable and committed leadership,
  • specific capacity challenges that currently prevent achievement of their full potential and that would benefit from the skills of our SVP partners.

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