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SVP Philanthropy Curriculum

The Vision

Philanthropy development is the core of SVP’s mission. Whether at the local organizational level, or through the skills and engagement of our partners around the globe, SVP seeks deeper and more effective philanthropy.

SVP’s greatest asset is human capital, our consistently developing community of dedicated partners and staff that, over the course of twenty years, has grown into the largest network of engaged philanthropists in the world. And now, by sharing our most effective methodologies centered around experiential learning, we are working to significantly increase partners’ competencies as strategic volunteers and philanthropic leaders.

The Goal

A comprehensive development initiative that:

  • Deepens SVP’s impact on organizations and communities
  • Increases the number of well-equipped civic leaders who are engaged at the local, regional, national and international levels of philanthropy
  • Lifts sector-wide expectations for the level of knowledge, skills and commitment present in our philanthropic leaders

Supported by a modular program through which:

  • Partners develop a high level of understanding of — and sense of accountability to — SVP’s values, community goals and core beliefs about equity
  • Partners have meaningful, sufficient engagement, taking the initiative to lead with confidence and set clear expectations in alignment with SVP’s values
  • Partners and other philanthropic leaders fill higher and more significant leadership roles in their communities

The full development plan calls for 30 courses in all, three of which are now available for download, and funding to produce more has been secured.

The Design

Courses are created using best practices based on research about adult learning and can be delivered by any experienced facilitator. While a basic understanding of content is helpful, it is not necessary to have expertise in each topic.

Focusing on individual reflection, conversation and simulations to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills, the courses do not rely heavily on presentation.

Pre-release, all courses are tested by partners and staff from across the SVP network, both in-person and online, and separate guides for each facilitation method have been made available. E-workshop versions of the courses are designed with popular collaboration platforms in mind, such as zoom.us, with features like whiteboards, breakout rooms, chatting and polling.

Content is scalable — equally effective when delivered to a table of 3 or 4, or a large, formal workshop with 30 or more participants.

Courses are developed by the instructional design team at Endurance Learning. If you have questions regarding SVP’s Philanthropy Development Curriculum, please contact the programs team at SVPI.

Creative Commons License: SVP’s Philanthropy Development Curriculum by Social Venture Partners International is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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